" I wonder if other planets had dinos and primates living at the same time? "  Asked Trent.

" Don't you have access to most data banks? "  Replied Semma.

" Yes.  Most data banks have insufficient information on historical events.  If you are looking for something that occurred prior to electronic storage, you find vary little. "  Said Trent.

About noon they reached the Platform 5 without sighting a Landous Barbolous.

'' Those are the Diggers. "  Ott said pointing to landscape of holes.

" And these are interesting why? "  Asked Emmer.

" Watch. "  Stated Ott.

They group stood staring at the holes.

" OK.  This is fun, but I think I'd prefer the Landous Barbolous. "  Hiret said in a straight forward voice.

A few moments later, the earth shock shake with the approach of several large dinos.

" Oh, look.  Their going to break their legs running through those holes. "  Cree shouted.

Moments later, several medium sized herbivores were screaming in agony, having suffered broken legs.

" Oh no. "  Said MB,  " Look at that. "

Plodding along, a Landous Barbolous emerged through the dust cloud raised by the hapless creatures now at its mercy.  It grabbed the youngest one, and drug it into the jungle.

" Beats trying to take down an animal that can fight back. "  Hirest said.

" Now for the good part. " Ott said with a snicker.

The other two dinos were still anguishing when all of a sudden hundreds of Diggers came streaming out of their holes, and swarmed over them.  In a mater of only a few minutes, there was not even a bone left to mark the spot where they had fallen.

" Landous Barbolous and the Diggers have a mutually beneficial relationship. "  Said Ott.

" Wow.  Are there many symbiotic relationships such this? "  Asked MB.

" Sure.  In almost every species, you'll find a complex series of relationships.  Just like you and me. "  Ott said.

" That Landous Barbolous looked like it could take down any pray.  Why herd them into these holes? "  Asked Cree.

" They don't all use this hunting method.  This seems to be a simple learned behavior, and a very interesting one. "  Ott replied.

An hour later, they found their primates.

" Look!  Theres one with a baby. "  Proclained Hirest.

" It looks real similar to critters most modern planets.  Maybe a little more primitive, but not much. "  Emmer stated.

" In the valley on the other side of that ridge line, there are some bipedals. "  Ott shouted from a ways up the trail.

After checking out a few marsupial types, they put on the protective suits, and headed for the bipeds.

" If I seen this suit coming at me, I'd be half way around the planet in a heart beat. "  Said Emmer referring the scary look of the attire.

The group walked around for a few hours, hiding in preset blinds as they went.

" Stop! "  Cree said in a stained hushed voice.

The group trained their attentions in the direction Cree was focused.

" I see'em. "  Said Hiret.

" Where?  I don't see a thing. "  MB said.

" In the shade.  Under the tree with the brown leaves on top. "  Said Cree.

As they look on, several two foot tall black and gray creatures walked a crossed a fallen tree.  They were pushing, grabbing, and rolling around.

" They are walking upright.  I can't hear anything though. "
Semma said in a soft voice.

" A dinos going to get them if they hang around in the open like that. "  Said Emmer.

" Not many dinos around here.  The mammals eat the eggs. "  Ott said.

" I can see a definite likeness to us. "  Said Cree.

" I don't. "  Said Emmer with a chuckle.

" They don't know how lucky they are. "  Said Semma with laugh.

After another couple of hours in the bio-suits, they decided to head back to camp and eat some bipeds.

" I thought they would be more like us. "  Stated Hiret.

" Wait about seven million years. "  Said MB.

" OK.  I will. "  Replied Hiret.

Ventan was waiting for them when they arrived at the camp.

" Greetings.  Some friends of mine have a dig with five hundred billion year old artifacts in it you might be interested in. "  Ventan said.

" Where are they? "  Asked Cree.

" Here is the coordinates to my place on Omimon.  When you get the change, come on by, and I will take you there and introduce you. "  Ventan said as he handed Cree a card with his info.  He turned and walked back to his cabin.

" Five hundred billion year old artifacts.  Could be interesting. "  MB said turning her head to thoughtful position.

" That creepy feeling I get when he comes around isn't going away. "  Said Cree rubbing her arms.

" Can't hurt to find out if those artifacts are around here, or closer to our part of the formation. "  Said Emmer.

" With luck, I be able to prove we are not the same species. "  Semma quipped.

" Probably a rock. "  Said Cree.

" Well I need a dino break.  I know I'm not getting back into that bio-suit. "  Said Emmer.

" I'll ask him what might be the best time for him. "  Said Hiret as he walked in the direction of Ventans area.

A few minutes later Hiret came back.

" He's already left.  I'll try the link. "  Hiret said with a sigh.

They set around the camp fire listening to the low grumbles from one of the large carnivores just out of sight in jungle.

" Ya know, I'm glad I don't have to live here.  I would turn into a neurotic mess in a year to two. "  Replied Emmer