"Yippet!  Yippet!" yelled Tompy, across the first drafting room.
    "Don't yell.  I can hear you," Yippet replied.
    "They are dead.  Trent says they are dead," Tompy said as he noticed those in the room staring at him.
    "Trent?  Our Trent?  What do you mean he said they're dead?" Yippet asked.
    "Trent just contacted me over the control panel," Tompy answered.
    Yippet ran across the room and up the stairs to the control room.
    "Are you sure it was Trent?" asked Yippet.
    Tompy was adjusting the frequency.
    "I am still here.  Do you know how to contact the next of kin?" Trent asked.
    "How do we know this is Trent?" asked Yippet.
    Trent made the lights on the control panel blink in a random fashion.
    "I can do this.  What kind of verification do you require?" Trent asked.
    "What was the last word I typed on the program I am working on?" Yippet asked.
    "Although I could eventually find your work station, I think perhaps, that in time it will take me to integrated with the part of me that has been here since I left, which I would have to do in order to answer your question, we could record the events leading to their deaths.   Then you can send it to the next of kin.  They should be notified as soon as possible," Trent stated.
    "Catch up with yourself?" asked Tompy.
    "When I left, most of the traveling was many times the speed of light.  The part of me that stayed here to help with the construction of my body only functions at light speed, as does your mind.  As I blend into more of a one-peace formation in this general area, the more up to date I will become," Trent answered.
    "Right.  Got it.  I wish I could do that," said Yippet.
    "Ya.  Think of the possibilities," Tompy said with a fixed stare.
    "Do you know how to contact the relatives?" Trent asked.
    "Oh, yeah, I'll call Cree's brother, and the Rinthian ambassador," Yippet said as she moved to the control panel.
    It took a few days to contact the next of kin, and after a week, the call for Ventan Seils head was a common theme thought out all the nations in the alliance.
    "Morning," said Orin to Cree's older brother as he entered the room that a band of volunteers used as a headquarters for devising a plan of action to bring Ventan to justice.
    "And good morning to you as well Pace," said Orin to Cree's sister as she entered the room a moment later.
    "Morning," replied Pace.
    Pace was the tech detective on the team.
    "Your early," Orin replied.
    "Trent found some new data, so I decided to correlate it before I left for Kibon," Pace said.
    "Kibon? And good morning Trent," Orin stated.
    "Good morning to you Orin," Trent replied.
    "They have the newest portable link case.  Plus, Junnel wanted me to check on a transport the Inew offered to donate.  He said they said it can separate into three units, each of which is galactic capable," Pace stated.
    "The transport from right here is more than enough.  Besides, it's got lot of gravatirium on the outer shell.  That might be handy out there," Orin said.
    I think Junnel was trying to be diplomatic.  Letting others take part.  Emotions are high remember," Pace replied.
    "Diplomacy does not supersede safety.  If someone is shooting at us, I prefer be behind gravitiriulm.  Plus there are probably few probes to provide debris locations in the Great Corridor.  Don't wana hit a piece of junk at five times light speed in a nice soft aluminum box," Orin stated.
    "Trent!  Have you been able to review the updates on your body parts?" asked Pace.
    "I am aware.  However, being able to understand the technology is going to take time.  I must learn just as you do.  Possession of knowleeidge does not mean the possessor understands it, knows how to use it, or what is means.  Are you aware that many of your elders do not want this mission to proceed?" Trent asked.
    "Yap.  I've made it plain, we have no intention of confronting Ventan Seil ourselves.  When we find him, we will let the authorities deal with him.  Don't worry," Pace assured.
    "Perhaps I should provide dialog which adds more weight to Ventan's personality and political connections," Trent replied.
    "One way or the other, we must bring him to Justus.  If you review the history of the last million years or so, you will find war has plagued the indifferent.  We have no idea who might come out of the Great Corridor to attack us.  If they understand we are capable and willing to defend ourselves, it is less likely there will be trouble," Pace explained.
    "I do understand.  Although I believe more emphasis should be placed on intelligence.  The more you know about your pray, the more likely it is you will catch it.  Ventan has knowledge of the environment, determination to remain uncaught, and has many friends and there many more who fear him," Trent emphasized.
    "Perhaps we can make a few friends ourselves.  Ventan must have made someone unhappy in recent times.  We simply need to fine them.  They know the terrain, and we have the technology," Pace added.
    " On a different note, the work completed thus far on the gravatiriulm molecular constructer is impressive.  With a few more devices like the one they have almost completed, and my body will be complete in less time than previously estimated," Trent stated.
    "The work on the eye is astonishing.  A tech said the liver is going to take a while though," Pace said.