"That's good advice everywhere," Doc said with grin.
    "Look at this.  The Navigation System Authorities just closed the pathway to the Corridor," said Aukous.
    "Why?" asked Hulmara.
    "56 total destructions and twice that or more disabling impacts.  Too many think those sensors that come with their ships will protect them from collisions I guess," said Aukous.
    "How could anyone think that?" asked Page.
    "The thrill of the adventure.  They don't understand the danger because they can't see the small stuff they "will" fly into, therefore it doesn't exist.  They also believe the sales pitch that leads them to believe their expensive ship is indestructible," said Trent.
    "They?  What about us?" asked Hulmara.
    "We have much better sensors, we're taking a safer path, and this ship has a double gravitirium shield," said Aukous.
    "What will that protect us from?" asked Doc.
    "Not everything, but we should make it there and back if we stick to procedure.  Just remember to get in a pod if you hear the siren." said Aukous.
    "Odd, that thought makes me reminisce, or something like it," stated Trent.
    The next few hours were spent going through more of the known information about the Corridor.
    "Coming up on the Corridor.  I alerted the military unit assigned to us of our location, and they have acknowledged," said Aukous.
    "Entering flight path now." Hulmara said.
    "Trent, it's a good thing you guys planted sensors.  Comparing what Ree sensors are picking up to the locals, there is no comparison.  In fact, these local sensors are useless if you're going over 100,000 miles per hour." said Aukous.
    "To our advantage," Trent answered.
    "I guess so.  There seems to be ship debits everywhere.  Lots of, wait.  These beings are dumping their garbage out here.  What a bunch of idiots," said Orin.
    "You will find that one tactic used during the wars was to clutter vast areas of space with debits in order to slow down approaching war ships," said Trent.
    "Fools.  War.  What a waist." said Hulmara.
    "Your planet had its wars.  In fact, so did mine.  The Rinthians are the only specie's that I know of that haven't had conflicts of one kind or the other," said Pace.
     "Yeah, we did.  In fact, there are still a few countries having at each other.  No one ever wins, and we still do it," Hulmara said.
    "The info we have from the military indicates some of these conflicts went on for hundreds of years," said Aukous.
    "How did they turn out?" asked Pace.
    "Some planets were rendered uninhabitable, some surrendered.  Mostly they used up all their resources." said Aukous.
    "Radiation levels out here is hi enough to fry Lilit teamer bugs." said Orin looking at a monitor.
    "We could spend some time on this planet here," Hulmara said pointing to a spot on a map.
    "Any stats?" asked Aukous.
    "It will support us well enough.  It does not say anything about significant tourist type attractions.  Kind of a bland description," said Hulmara.
    "What it called?" asked Orin.
    "Winan," replied Hulmara.
    "Let's take a closer look," Aukous suggested.
    An hour later they were in orbit, and asking for landing clearance.
    Walking down the ramp Pace said, "Now that's sulfur flavored air."
    "Good for me," said Aukous.
    The security personnel checked their identification, and made a quick check of the ship.
    "Polite," Orin said referring to the security staff.
    "Yes, they were.  Now which way should we go?" Hulmara asked.
    "That one guy suggested a hotel that way," said Pace.
    They made their way through the docking arena to the main street.
    "Plain to see war was here," Pace said staring several blocks of destroyed buildings.
    They made their way down the sidewalk on the standing side of the area.  The businesses that were open showed little activity, and there was a lot of dust and small discarded bits of clutter where the structures met the sidewalk.  The wind was raising the dust making it kind of hazy.  Looking down the street they could see more standing buildings, but few beings.
    "Not many beings around here," Aukous stated.
    "Maybe they had a lot of casualties in the war," said Trent.
    "Turn up the volume on Trent's link.  I could barely hear him," Orin asked.
    They walked for four blocks not seeing more than a few dozen beings, and they all walked looking down.  Most had a scarf of one sort or the other covering their mouths and noses.  There was more dust and damaged buildings everywhere they looked.
    "Down there.  That's got to be the hotel," Hulmara said.
    They made their way there, and stood looking up.
    "It's open, but I'm not sure I want to stay here," Pace said looking to the left side of the hotel that wasn't there anymore.
"This city has taken a few hits for sure," Aukous said then added, "Let's check in boys and girls.
    "Ok, but if I die when this place collapses, I'll haunt you forever," stated Pace.
    They approached the check in desk, and a being with a very small mouth and nose looked up from the book he was reading.
    "Could I help you?" He asked.
    "We would like rooms for each of us," Orin said.
    "You are obviously from somewhere else.  You understand we are still suffering the after effects from the war.  You must have noticed the dust," he said.
    "Is there indoor pluming?" Pace said.