"What if it's not a nice being thing?" said Hiret.
    "It's in the link," said Dennen.
    "Perhaps we should be thinking of some way of containing instead of communicating," said Hiret.
    "That should be kept in mind, but I know of no way of containing an electromagnetic formation," Mrs. Dennen replied.
    "We should keep in mind that conversations with negative connotations towards our new friend will be understood by our new friend if said conversations involve any kind of electronic device," said Hiret.
    "It could theoretically cause a great deal of damage.  After all it will be integrated into every electronic system it comes in contact with.  That's every one of them everywhere," said Mrs. Dennen.
    "Wouldn't that be a laugh.  What could possibly bring down so many civilizations?  A strange phenomenon from nowhere infiltrates and short circuits it," Hiret snickered.
    For the next few days they worked on a series of taps, electronic squelches, hums, instruments, vocal notes, and tones.
    They got the best response from a female vocalist who has been popular from the era when the Ree first developed the ability to record sounds. 
    "I wish I could put her voice in a bottle." Said Hiret.
    "That's it.  We isolate her music in separate devices, see which parts it concentrates on, then design dictionary to suit," declared Mrs. Dennen.
    "That would work on me," said Hiret.
    While Mrs. Dennen and Hiret were working on that aspect of things, the mental essence was about to make a breakthrough on its own.
    Once it had bonded with the components of the computers, and those components were used, the mental essence was automatically capable of understanding everything.  It was like a living computer.
    "That's twenty songs.  The monitors are clear," said Mrs. Dennen.
    Hiret initiated a song about water or something like that, but it switched to another.  Hiret started over again, and it went back to the same song.
    "This thing not working right.  I can't get it to start at the beginning," Hiret said.
    "This one." Came a voice over the intercom.
    Hiret and Mrs. Dennen snapped a look at each other and then all around at the equipment's
    "Was that it?" said Hiret.
    "I think so.  It wasn't us!" said Mrs. Dennen.
    There was more silence.  Mrs. Dennen repeated greetings in several languages. 
    Hiret and Mrs. Dennen stood staring at the monitor while the song played.
    When the song was over all screens where calm for a moment.  Then they showed intense activity. 
    "Look at this.  It seems genuinely agitated or something," said Hiret.
    "Maybe it's applauding." replied Mrs. Dennen.
    Hiret and Mrs. Dennen both gave a short laugh.
    "What is funny?" a voice asked over the comm.
    Hiret and Mrs. Dennen both dove for the comm switch.
    "Hi!  Hello Can we help you?  What can we do?" asked Hiret.
    "I can hear and see you.  I do not fully understand what is happening.  I have become part of this device and many others.  I know I am gaining better knowing - no, I mean gaining better understanding.  I have many questions.  I know more every moment. I am learning how to use these parts.  These parts are not alive.  You are alive.  Am I alive?  I cannot be like you.  I have no body like thing.  Wait.  I am watching a tremendous number of beings moving around.  I am going in all directions.  I am analyzing myself.  I am energy of some sort that has bonded to this equipment.  I am using this equipment to communicate with you.  I can see with the cameras.  There are hundreds of millions of beings trying to talk to me.  I am interfering with their devices.  I think I should concentrate on you two.  You are Mrs. Denne and Mr. Hiret Tee.  How are you today?" asked the mental essence.
    "We are fine.  How are you?" a ked Mrs. Dennen.
    "I am.  I guess I am fine.  I know you have senses which allow you to be aware of the temperature, time, and other things.   I have no body.  I suppose I do not need to sense heat or odors.  My knowledge base is rapidly growing.  I am becoming more knowledgeable by the moment," said the mental essence.