"The council is waiting for us.  Land in lot Y5," Pace said.
    "Is there a code or something for auto park?" Aukous asked.
    "No.  It will ask you if you want to auto par," Pace replied.
    A few minutes later they were standing in the council chamber.
    "We have closely followed your activities.  May I offer our condolence for your loss of your associate Hulmara," said Councilman Prett, the council speaker.
    "Thank you," Pace replied, with keeping a solum expression.
    "We are aware of your intelligence findings, and have decided to update you on what we know as of this date," Councilman Prett said as he made a hand jester to another member of the council.
    A hologram image appeared with thousands of small colored lights.
    "This is the best mapping we have of our area here in the center, and extending to a billion light years in blue, five hundred billion light years in red, and fading into yellow out to four hundred trillion light years.  During the wars in the Great Corridor, many legal, as well as criminal operations moved into our region.  Some have made their way to our system.  A few have attempted to set up here on Loma Dena.  The military from the Great Corridor has been working with our alliance's military to locate and deal with the illegal operations in our region.  So far, they have shut down several hundred.  However, many more from the Great Corridor are moving this way.  Now on the other end of Great Corridor, the habitable planets are scattered in sparse concentrations.  Those close to the Great Corridor are already under control of criminal enterprises.  It will be hundreds of years before anyone can help those beings regain control of their territory.  Ventans is one of the most ruthless.  These white dots here are the businesses known to be under his control.  His whereabouts are still unknown," Councilman Prett stated.
    "How did you know about the intelligence we wanted to convey?" asked Aukous.
    "The clerk you met after you left Minn beach," replied the Councilman.
    "If you knew all of this, why did you let us go after Ventan?" asked Pace with a note of anger.
    "You would have gone regardless of what we said.  Besides, Ventan is but one of hundreds of beings of interest.  There are simply to few beings trying to neutralize the Ventans in our universe.  Every little bit helps.  Soon the war that devastated so much of the Great Corridor will rise up here in our region, and the alliance's military and the military from the Great Corridor might not be enough to deal with it.  So, for the time being, the best we can do is locate and keep track of those of interest," said Councilman Prett.
    "I will not stop looking for Ventan," declared Pace.
    Nor should you.  But now we know that he is aware that he is being sought, and he knows that we know etcetera if you know what I mean.  Therefore, might I suggest that you help build Trent's body.  We will keep you updated on Ventan," Councilman Pret said.
    Pace agreed, then they both thanked the Council and left.
    "I'm going home for a while.  Keep me appraised on Orins recovery, and get that surgery reversed," Aukous said, smiling as he walked away.
    Pace stood in the hall with a blank stare.
    "Excuse me, but where might I find the Hall of Chambers?" asked a tall being standing with the sun directly behind her head, giving her an eery apparition type appearance,
    "Ah, over there," answered Pace shading her eyes with one hand and pointing with the other.
    Pace watched the lady walk away.  Her thoughts moved to Orin, and she left to find a link to see how he was doing.
    "I'm sorry, but he is still sedated.  You might check back in three of four days," the nurse suggested.
     Still feeling disoriented, Pace boarded a public transport, and made her way back to her personal dwelling. 
    "Trent! Trent, are you there?" asked Pace as she sat on her bed that had gone untouched sense they had left to find Ventan.
    "Yes, I am here. I will be here," Trent answered.
    Aukous checked in with the military to see what was happening with the Doc.
    "She is in a penal facility on Jonn.  She will have judgment in a few months," said a military court spoksman.
    Aukous stopped to have his surgery undone, then went to his home planet.
    Trent was busy bonding with the part of himself that had stayed on Loma Dena, catching up with the progress on the building of his body, and collaborating with Dr. Mollaty on his secretive contribution.
    "Trent.  Are you there?  I am Mr. Lefton.  I am the liaison between those working on your muscle cells, and those working on your cartilage cells. "
    "Yes, I am here," answered Trent.
    "Are you up to date with this project?" asked Mr. Lefton.
    "Somewhat.  There are many activities is play, most of which are far beyond my ability to understand," Trent replied.
    "Don't let the details overwhelm you.  Even with our implants, not one of us can understand all the details.  Far too complicated," Mr. Lefton said.
    "We would like you to state unequivocally how we can interface with you.  That way no one will act on assumption," stated Mr. Lefton.
    "Of course.  Any time you are ready," Trent offered.
    "Great.  I'll get a technician to record your instructions so everyone can have a copy," Mr. Lefton stated.
    Within a few minutes, several hundred technicians wanted to ask Trent questions.
    "I will set up a monitor with your questions in the order they are received," said Mr. Lefton over the intercom.
Trent added, "I look foreword to working with everyone."