"Your question to yourself indicates the presence of emotion," Dr. Mollaty stated.
    "I have asked myself that same question several times.  It's a sentence structure I heard on one of those visual transmissions," Trent replied.
    Dr. Mollaty laughed quite loudly, "Those things may show you something about cultures, but they rarely have anything to do with reality.  Speaking of such things, are you aware that you get a great deal of coverage.  Talk shows to a movie, and at least two electronic games that I am aware of."
    "I was aware that I have been the subject of a great deal of controversy." Trent answered.
    "Imagine what it will be like after you get your body." chuckled Dr. Mollaty.
    "I wonder if the part of me that is going in the other direction has found a race like the Ree?" said Trent.
    "Possibilities are endless.  Boggles the mind," stated Dr. Mollaty.
    After a short respite, Pace began working on the protective shielding that would form around Trent, and did not want to talk about Ventan or their campaign to catch him.
    "May I ask why you decided to work on the protective shielding?" asked Trent.
    "Someday it may be possible to design a method of producing a shield around everyone," Pace replied.  She then wiped a tear from her eye.
    Trent knew that she was thinking of Cree, Orin, and the others.
    "Have you talked to Dr. Mollaty?" Trent asked.
    "No.  Is he ready to show his secret project?" Pace asked in reture.
    "No. Not really.  I am trying to interact with you without talking about those things you wish not to talk about," Trent answered.
    "Orin asked me to say hello.  He's going to be laid up for another few months," Pace stated.
    "Ventan will be caught," Trent replied in a muted tone.
Page kept working without replying, and Trent returned to Dr. Mollaty.
    "Could part of this design be built without the base matter being replaced with gravitirium?" asked Trent.
    "Yes, I suppose part of it could be.  Why do you ask?" Dr. Mollaty asked.
    "If it were possible to integrate me into a more advanced computer, I may be able to provide more assistance," Trent said.
    "Well, we could ask engineering to produce a series of these front-line process integration panels.  Then combine them with an antenna type closed containment grid.  If you could use the antenna and grid to concentrate yourself enough to interact with the panels, we could then connect you into any of the systems.  Although I have no idea if you could make sense of the information.  I believe it's worth a try," said Dr. Mollaty.
    It took a few months, but Dr. Mollaty got his line process integration panels completed.
    "Ok, now because we do not know the best way to do this, just say more or less as I adjust this grid," stated Dr. Mollaty.
    Dr. Mollaty slowly turned the dial back and forth, Trent spouted, "Got it."
    "83%.  Good.  How can you tell one setting from the other?" asked Dr. Mollaty.
    "I am aware of more shapes and positions than I would ordinarily.  My awareness of the integration panels seems strong as well.  The grid seems as though it could be fortified, perhaps by using the 83% ratio on a larger scale, or different materials," stated Trent.
    "Ok, now let's plug you into this portable link.  How's that?" asked Dr. Mollaty.
    After a few seconds Trent said, "There is a definite awareness of the stored information in a slightly different manner then before.  Perhaps it will take a while to acclimate to this prospective."
    Several hours later they had an established a method for Trent to utilize the information stored in the link in a greater effectiveness then before.
    "Now let's try a simple test.  What is 43880 times 3459?" asked Dr. Mollaty.
    "151,780,920," answered Trent.
    "Very good.  Now what is the capital of Solora on Yerfopeia?" Dr. Mollaty asked.
    "That information is not in this links data base.  However, it is in the link on the other table.  The capital is Erua.  Before you ask, my ability to focus is much improved.  Accessing the other link was easier than before, but not a lot easier," Trent answered.
    For several months, Dr. Mollaty, Trent, and the fabrication team built a series of integration panels, one for every station assigned to a part of Trent's body or an associated device.
    "Pace.  This is Trent.  I thought I would see if you find it easier to work on the shield now that I am connected to the other aspects of the project.  You have not asked me a question," Trent stated.
    "I have no real questions.  And Orin gets out of the recovery center in three days.  And, he will contact you as soon as he can talk, and that will probably be another couple of months," Pace replied.
    "That is good.  I was worried," Trent answered.
    A few minutes later Pace contacted Trent.
    "Trent! Did you say you were worried?  That's defiantly a feeling.  Are you sure you were worried?" Pace asked.
    "I thought of his condition on a regular basis.  That is not actual feeling.  Remember, I still have no sensation of chemical stimulus.  I will not even have chemicals to create sensation until my body is functional," Trent replied.
    "It's hard to keep that in mind. You sometimes communicate as if you have emotions," Pace said.
    "Should I refrain from providing those indications?" asked Trent.
    "Oh, no.  You're doing just fine.  Don't change a thing.  And if you have time, I could use the ratios of body mass and distance from the sensory button's reactionary times to energy variables," asked Pace.
    "I will transfer the data in a few seconds.  Plus Dr. Climtin may have a better way to bind the wafers," Trent stated.
    "I will contact her now," Pace answered.
    Back at the council chamber, they were being briefed on the troubling aspects of the large number of beings who fought in the Great Corridor wars who were moving to some of the weaker planets in the alliance.