"Mr. Chairman, we must have a military intelligence team on all alliance planets.  On Hoshlet alone, military grade weapons made on a planet well within the Great Corridor were seized on two occasions by customs agents.  There have been many weapons of this kind that have passed through customs on at least twelve other planets that have no restrictions on weapons," stated a member of the counsel.
     "Plus, on Juma-Hypon there are at least 4,500 military personal from an army called the Open Heaven Soldiers, if that is the correct translation.  They claim to be seeking peace and harmony free from violence and oppression.  However, they brought enough weapons with them to arm an army of tens of thousands," stated another member of the counsel.
    "I shall ask the alliance to vote on the elimination of weapons of war, except for those weapons necessary for the alliance's military to operate as an effective military force," the Counsel President announced.
    There was a round of applause, although somewhat muted, because everyone in the chamber knew of the possible ramifications.
    "Councilwoman Tuya, could you conference with us a moment?" asked the Chairman.
    "Of course," she said and followed the Chairman and a few others into the Chairman's private office.
    The chairman turned to Councilwoman Tuya, "Your planet has been inundated by more of these beings from the Grate Corridor than any other.  Have they imposed threats or have they intimidated your government in anyway?" 
    "Not directly.  More of a passive type of posing influence by gathering in mass to celebrate one thing or the other," Councilwoman Tuya answered.
    "As I feared.  Councilman Inn, would you notify the alliance representatives that we shall convene a general conference in two weeks.   That should give the further most planets time to schedule attendance.  And Councilman Moure, could you ask your father to attend without appearing as though he were asked to attend?  I would rather not get anyone excited over the appearance of the chief of military affairs at a general conference.  No sense in tipping our hand if it is decided that military action is required," the Chairman stated.
    "I am sure he will understand the need for being discreet," replied Councilman
    On Juma-Hypon members of a first strike operations unit of the defeated army of planet Solitos in the Great Corridor, now calling itself the Brotherhood of Peace, were coordinating with their members on other planets under the guise of being a peaceful assemblage of former solders seeking new lives.
    "Captain Musa, our sources say the alliance is already seeking a way to disarm us. You must find a more secure location for our weapons," said a being that they referred to as General Hemm.  He was a short heavyset being, sitting on the stump of a newly fallen tree.
    "Yes Sir.  I will see to immediately," said Captain Musa who snapped to attention, then hurried off to attend to his task.
    "Sergeant, follow the Captain and make sure he accomplices his duties," sir, yes sir, shouted the sergeant, in a very nervous voice.
    He stood up to face those who had convened in the clearing.
    "No one is to do anything that might draw further attention to our activities.  We must have more effort applied to intelligence.  Those alliance scum must not be able to move without us knowing, and remember, they are most certainly trying to infiltrate us.  Keep your wits about you.  Security Chief Dannet will provide you with sealed envelopes containing your specific orders. hat is all for now.  Dismissed," said General Hemm.
    Those in the clearing hurried off to assigned tasks.
    "Sir.  Our weapons are no threat to the alliance.  There weaponry is far superior to ours," said an aid.
    "I have no intention of having our troops confront the alliance with those weapons.  We will get the locals worked up, arm them with our old weapons, and then we will take over once they have been eliminated by the alliance without one loss." said General Hemm as he and the aid walked through the trees toward General Hemms three story house.
    At the Science Center, more technicians were assigned to the replacement of base matter to gravitirium exchange. 
    "Any ideas?" asked Dr. Ivii.
    "Too small.  The transition state window is too short.  We have run every conceivable simulation," replied a senior tech.
    "Perhaps use base matter as a seed, coat it with gravitirium, then remove the base matter," said a junior tech.
    "That was tried a long time ago.  The problem is that to make a proton the right size and weight, the base matter seed would need to be one tenth of the minimum mass requirements for it to exist," said the senior tech.
    "Stop the transformation from base matter to gravitirium part way through the process, remove the base matter, then combine the remaining gravitirium with other gravitirium created the same way until we have the size and weight." said the junior tech.
    Dr. Ivii and senior tech both put their hands over their faces while shaking their heads.
    "I can't believe no one ever thought of that," said the senior tech.
    "Nor can I.  Run a simulation." said Dr. Ivii adding, "If this works, you will have secured a spot in history."
    The junior tech went to work.  Three hours later she notified Dr. Ivii that in the simulations, the process worked.
    "Good work.  I am astonished.  This is the most significant advancement sense the development gravitirium itself.  I will start the process for convening a conference right now, so work up an outline for the procedure and we will start immediately. Congratulation," said Dr. Ivii.
    "Thank you.  I'll be ready in an hour or so," replied the junior tech.
    "Hello Solima, is the Chairman of the Council available?" asked Dr. Ivii.
    "He is in a conference with the alliance military at the moment.  Would like to leave a message?" asked the secretary.
    "Please tell him that we can now replace base matter with gravitirium," said Dr. Ivii.