"Wow.  I will.  How did you come up with that?" the secretary Solima asked.
    "A junior tech had an epiphany," replied Dr. Ivii.
    The techs at the science center were yelling, cheering, and clapping in waves as the news spread.
    "How exactly does this process work?" Trent asked the tech.
    "The hard part is initiating the process.  For starts most all gravitirium is produced in honey come structures as you are well aware.  The smallest structure before now would be around the size of ten protons, and the largest possible would have been around twenty thousand protons.  The reason for these large sizes is that as gravitirium forms using a base matter as scaffolding, an equality in weight and size is reached and in a trillionth on a second. That is far too fast to control at masses less than ten or more than twenty thousand protons.  However, if you process no more than two particles at a time side by side you wind up with a particle of base matter and a particle of gravitirium of equal mass and dimension because during the process, the two gravitirium masses combine, and the two base matter particles combine. This idea has been pondered for a billion years.  However, with the resent development of base energy beaming, it's now possible to manipulate individual base matter particles. Do you understand the concept?" asked the tech.
    "Yes.  But why did it take so long to develop base energy beaming?" ask Trent.
    "The device had to be made almost entirely of gravitirium.  That was difficult enough, and there was no real use for a base energy beaming," the tech replied.
    "Well, there is now.  I can envision an unlimited potential," said Trent.
    After a few seconds, Trent contacted Dr. Mollaty.
    "Do you have a moment?" asked Trent.  
    "For you, I always have time," Dr. Mollaty said.
    Trent explained the progress with gravitirium particles, then related that he had imagined the possibilities for the uses there off.
    "You had independent thought before.  What is so different now?" asked Dr. Mollaty.
    "Some of the possibilities and parts designs are not cataloged.  I thought of them independently of any archive," Trent replied.
    "I see.  Well, this is a significant piece of progress.  I am happy for you." Dr. Mollaty said.
    "There are other thoughts I am not capable of completing.  I can sense an inadequate capability," Trent added.
    "We all have insufficiencies.  Now, when I complete your personalized computer system, you will have very few of those insufficiencies," said Dr. Mollaty, while patting one of many rectangle boxes scattered around his lab.
    "How useful will it be?" asked Trent.
    "With this new development on the qravitirium side of things, I would guess this design, and in about this size, will be capable of holding all the useful information in the entire universe.  Plus provide fifty to a hundred quadrillion complex computations per nano second.  Now when I say all the useful information in the universe, I mean reasonably important things, not every receipt for every perches ever made," said Dr. Mollaty.
    "Sounds useful," Trent said.
    "Plus, there is another secret project.  We should discuss it.  Perhaps tomorrow," stated Dr. Mollaty, while scratching his head and slowly walking into a room with an oddly shaped couch.
    At the council's behest Pace, Orin, and Aukous Bellway were asked to offer their opinions on the general state of social interaction with beings they had encountered in the Great Corridor.
    "I am a bit puzzled as to why you want our opinion," stated Aukous.
    "Many beings belonging to defeated military components from several planetary systems have joined to form what looks to be an invasion of sorts.  They have settled on at least thirty-three planets within the alliance, and there is no accurate intelligence on how many others.  Your experience on the planets in the Great Corridor could be vital in developing a comprehensive plan to deal with these beings," said the chairman of the council.
    "So, what do you need exactly?" asked Pace.
    "The most important thing for us to know is how the local beings felt about the wars, their alliances with foreign powers, and occupying forces," stated Commander Ulta of the alliance military.
    "Very little was said.  Now that I think about it, on those planets that had not recovered no one had much of anything to say.  The other planets seemed to be your average everyday societies," said Orin.
    "No boycott, protest, angry paintings?" asked another military officer.
    "Not that we noticed.  Except!  Mr. Wai Oue.  He said he was from the plant Ruta, and was in military personal procurement.  He liked my appearance.  He thought I would make a good fighter," said Aukous.
    "Now that is something useful," another officer said with a grin.  He then asked his communicator to contact someone from the Great Corridor military as she left the room in a brisk walk.
    "This all seems very urgent.  Is there going to be war here?" asked Pace.
    "Not if we can help it," member of the council said.
    "Thank you for your input.  If you think of anything else, please contact us," said a council member as everyone dispersed.
    Trent was also asked to participate.  He was trying to concentrate himself in areas the military thought to be most
relevant, but it was going to take a long time for that process to be effective.
    Pace, Orin, Aukous, and Trent spent the rest of that day and most of the night catching up.
    Back at the lab progress was accelerating, and Dr. Mollaty up loading another secret project for Trent's edification.
    "There you are," said Dr. Mallaty as Trent announced himself.
    "I was reminiscing with Pace, Orin, and Aukous," Trent stated.
    "Friend's.  It is good to have friends.  Now let me show you one of your other parts," Dr. Mollaty said while tapping his computer display.
    "What is it?" asked Trent as he analyzed the image on the display.
    "Something you are going use a lot," Dr. Mollaty replied.
    "I see," said Trent.
    "You should keep this to yourself," Dr. Mollaty suggested.
    "Why?" asked Trent.
    "There are a lot of beings out there who would give a lot for this technology.  Imagine what some crazy could do with this.  I'm not worried about anyone trying to duplicate you, but one of these could be devastating even if there were was no gravitirium involved.  Speaking of which, with this new development I can make significant improvements to this design.  In the morning briefing every development group had significant improvement
objectives on your body.  You're going to be one very impressive being." stated Dr. Mollaty.
    "You refer to me as a being.  I have not thought of myself as a being before." Trent said.
    "Oh, how did you think of yourself?" asked Dr. Mollaty.
    "I guess sort of like an entity, or something along those lines," replied Trent.