"Full thrust! Brake out of the debris field." commanded the Lieutenant.
    There was a hard impact to starboard.  Crew members not strapped in were knocked around, with some receiving serious injuries.
    "Auto stabilization engaged." shouted the Sargent.
    Gradually the transport gained standard flight parameters.
    "Take us down in one of the more congested flight paths.  Maybe no one noticed our entry." ordered the Lieutenant.
    "No action against us so far." the Sargent said.
    "Is there a routing path heading toward our objective?" asked the Lieutenant.
    "Two from this vantage." the Sargent replied.
    "Take the closest in any other direction." ordered the Lieutenant.
    A few minutes later they were approaching the power lines feeding the target.
    "Are you ready Trent?" asked the Lieutenant.
    "Yes." replied Trent.
    With that, Trent began to bond with the power lines.
    "Man of few words." added the Sargent.
    "Find us some place close to park." ordered the Lieutenant.
    "There is some kind of entertainment facility about a half mile from here." said the Sargent gazing at the monitor.
    "Let's go." the Lieutenant.
    "Wait.  We have incoming data." said the Sargent.
    "Few words and fast.  I like that." said the Lieutenant.
    "Don't have a clue.  It's encrypted." replied the Sargent.
    "Of course. Do you think Trent will be able to decipher?" asked the Lieutenant.
    "Um, probably." said the Sargent, adding, "It's down loading intermittently.  Kind of in waves."
    "Look at that." Lieutenant Oscorra said referring to something on the monitor.
    "Those guys look like soldiers.  I didn't understand.  I thought Prolue had a police force, but not its own military." stated the Sargent.
    "They don't.  Those are probably the ones we are looking for.  They must know they're going to draw a lot of attention walking around dressed like that." said the Lieutenant.
    "Must be their intent.  Intimidating the locals would give them a leg up if they attacked." the Sargent added.
    "A task for the next crew.  How much info have we downloaded" the Lieutenant asked.
    "Nearly 10 uni-layers, and it's still incoming at about the same rate.  Plus, it seems they had six built in viruses." said the Sargent.
    "Not vary trusting." commented the Lieutenant.
    "Hello Lieutenant Oscorra.  I have acquired as all the information I can.  Their automatic flow notification system is at the point of alerting to my downloading activities." Trent announced.    
     "What did you get?" asked the Lieutenant.
     "About half of what had reference to the target material." Trent replied.
    "Trent, this is all in code.  Did you get the keys?" asked the Sargent.
    "I do not know.  All I could to do is obtain what I did.  Coded materials will need to be dealt with by others." Trent stated.
    "Sargent! Take us to post 313." commanded the Lieutenant.
    Once back at post 313, Trent returned to the Science Center.
     "Dr., Dr. Mollaty. I have returned." stated Trent.
    "Ah, is there anything you can tell me?" Asked Dr. Mollaty.
    "No.  It was a military operation.  They asked me to maintain security proticals." Trent replied.
    "Well we have something new here.  We thought we could construct the DNA we made for you in a self-replicating design.  However, it does not seem to work. This is a setback on time tables to be sure." Dr. Mollaty sighed.
    "Temperature control." Trent answered.
    "Temperature?  I am sure that was taken into consideration." stated Dr. Mollaty.
    "I accessed the updated files, and the experiments were conducted in the modular assembly chambers which operate at room temperature.  Those specific components require between 97 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit for self-assembly, as do the amino acids for the most accurate protein construction." Trent stated.
     Dr. Mollaty raised both eye brows and stared at the wall.  "I see you are gaining much knowledge, and applying it.  This is another good thing to have happen."
    "The prototype of the computer you designed is the key, and I have relied the new parameters to the DNA technicians." Trent said.
"How far away from here can you utilize the prototype?" asked Dr. Mollaty.
"My concentration depletes to an insufficient density at around two hundred feet. Increasing the sensitivity of the connection relays would increase the distance." Trent replied.
    It was another year before construction of Trents body had accelerated to a pace that gave the technicians a feeling that success was close at hand.
    "Yaylo, would you notify the council we have a fully functional liver?" asked a technician.
    Within a few minutes everyone who had access to the link was watching the new liver function like one that occurred naturally.
    "One down, a few thousand to go." Trent said as he analyzed the stats.
    There were congratulation announcements and handshakes all around.
    "So much for the nay sayers." Pace said Trent once she had his attention.
    "Yes in deed.  I feel like I am actually a member of the Ree race." Trent replied.
    "I never thought of that.  You should feel like a member of the Ree race.  If fact, you could probably feel like all a member of all races." Pace stated.
    "All races?" asked Trent.
    "Well you do bind with everything you come into contact with." Pace said.
    "Sense you put it that way, I suppose your right." Trent acknowledged.
    "Dr. Wilsic said he should have your optics ready in a few days.  From here on in things are going to happen rather quickly." Pace added.
" Dr. Mollaty said my other memory system will be completed in a month or so. " Trent said.
    "Other memory system?" Pace asked.
    "He has been working on it for quite some time.  I have had access to a prototype of sorts for more than a year.  That's why I have been able to assist." said Trent.
    "Any other secrets?" asked Pace.
    "Yes.  There is another project that you will surprise you." Trent added.
    "Well!" said Pace in a high-pitched voice.
    "He has sworn me to secrecy.  You will be the first being who sees it." Trent said in a teasing manner.