"Gee thanks," said Pace.
    "Does Orin plan to continue working at the rehabilitation center?" asked Trent.
    "He likes it more all the time," Pace replied.
    "And Aukous?" asked Trent.
    "He's still teaching military tactics.  You know, it's his thing," Pace replied.
    "Regardless of origin, beings seem to have an innate need for dominance.  I suppose it is part of the fight or flight response.  I do not understand why beings engage in conflict to gain dominance, yet, that is precisely what seems to happen," stated Trent.
    The progress on Trent's body had prompted General Hemm to pick up the pace on his take over plans.  He felt that once functional, Trent would be the first of an army of unbeatable foes, and that had to be prevented.  He moved his headquarters to a base ship with ten monitoring transports in strategic locations.  The alliance's military was aware of his actions, and were waiting to take appropriate action.
    "Take this to Yanulov," said General Hemm, as he handed an envelope to an aid, "Use rout 2. Path," he added.
    "How do you know this chamber is clear of monitoring devices?" asked another aid.
    "It's clear.  I have it scanned every day," said General Hemm.  He made a hand jester suggesting the aid follow him.  Once in a hallway, the General turned to the aid, "lt's monitored.  We must use every opportunity to provide disinformation to the enemy.  I only tell you now so that you may play a part in our orchestrations."
    "An honor sir," replied the aid as they walked down the hallway.
    "We need someone who can maneuver around the science center on Loma Dena.  You know, that place when they are making that Trent killer robot thing."  They walk up to another aid, "Take this to ministry of employment on Loma Dena.  It provides them with your credentials of in language recognition in the Great Corridor.  They will be glade to give you a job.  From there you must work your way into being a trusted being at the science center.  After that you will receive instructions on the next phase of your assignment," General Hemm stated.

    "They will spot him immediately," said a woman after the aid had left.
    "Yes, they will.  They will in deed," said General Hemm as he walked back to his office.
    "Sargent, how much time is General Hemm spending with someone out of monitoring range?" asked an Officer.
    "More than enough to create deception.  The beings he has talked to out of monitoring field have left the area immediately," the Sargent answered. 
    "Worrying.  He's obviously paranoid with good reason," said the Officer said with chuckle.
    "He must know that we will take him out at the first hostile act, regardless of where it is committed." the Sargent added.
    "He will make sure he is protected.  If we see him going into seclusion, we will know something is about to happen," the Officer replied.
    "Or, he might goat a rival group into starting something.  Then he could play off their actions, and maybe even look like a hero," offered another Officer.
    "His only practical maneuver is to obtain a political office of some sort.  Otherwise, he has no protection what so ever," stated a civilian analyst leaning in the door way.
    "What about a preemptive strike?" asked the Sargent.
    "He's the enemy we know," replied the Officer.
    "Mr. Bellway, are you busy?" asked Trent.
    "Never too busy to be with you, my friend.  What brings you out here?" replied Aukous.
    "I was in the neighborhood and thought I would drop by.  How are you doing?" asked Trent.
    "Fine.  Doing just fine.  And yourself?  I understand you will soon have a body," said Aukous.
    "Yes, it seems that I will," Trent said.  Then Trent gave him a technical up date.

    "Impressive.  Very impressive.  When you are complete, we shall spend some quality time at the finest resort for the advancement of ill-repute on Nimm Ommus," joked Aukous.
    "We shall.  I should expand my experiences to cover that aspect of socialization.  Pace and Orin asked me to say hello for them.  I will probably see you soon in regards to military actions initiated by General Hemm.  He is accelerating efforts to conquer the alliance. See you then," Trent said as he signed off.
    "Dr. Mollaty, are you busy?" asked Trent.
    "Never too busy for you, my friend.  What can I help you with?" Dr. Mollaty asked.
    "They will be assembling by body in a few days, and I was wondering if there was anything I could be doing that I am not aware of," Trent said.
    "You are up to date as far as I know.  Although I have one more secret for you after you are up and running.  Sorta speak," Dr. Mollaty answered.
    "Let me guess, I'll understand." Trent replied.
    "Yes, yes you will.  In fact, this one last thing will be the most impressive.  You will understand.  I am impressed myself.  Professor Yulu thought of it a year or two ago.  Then when the ability to make base matter with gravitirium, and the DNA structure functioned, he added a particular ability for you.  Trust me, you will really like it. Now let's go down to the assembly room and see exactly where we are with your body," with that Dr. Mollaty stood up and headed in that direction.
    "Welcome doctor.  How are you?" asked a woman through a thick glass window and wearing what looked like an underwater life support suit.
    "As well as could be expected with a face like this I suppose." Dr. Mollaty answered, adding, "Trent and I thought we would stop by and see how things are going."
    "Better than I ever expected.  It is simply amazing how the self-assembly process is working.  In fact, by this time next week we will be ready for Trent to take possession," the woman stated.
    "I find it somewhat disconcerting to watch my internal organs being created," Trent said.