"Disconcerting is an emotion," said Dr. Mollaty.
    "Seems like appropriate verbiage while gazing on those soon to be my organs bathed in blood and moving around like that" Trent answered.
    Dr. Mollaty and the tech smiled.
    "There seems to be a few things missing," stated Trent.
    "Some of the visual and reproductive components develop more slowly, so we are using a different chamber for them," the tech responded.
    "Reproductive?  I thought it was best I not be able to reproduce," Trent questioned.
    "We were not sure what effect having nonfunctional organs would have.  So, you might be able to reproduce, but it is highly suggested that you do not.  There is no way of knowing how your contribution would react with your partner," the tech answered.
    "How many beings do you think are watching this?" Trent asked.
    "Hundreds of billions.  May more.  You're the point of interest throughout the alliance.  Probably in the Great Corridor as well.  Although transmissions to there would have at least a four-hundred-day lag time for those without a hyper wave receiver," said the tech.
    "I wonder is Ventan is watching," Trent said.
    "Could be.  I am sure he still has an interest in you," Dr. Mollaty replied.
    At the alliance's military strategic planning center one of the most discussed topics was how many criminal and militaristic types would like to scuttle Trent in his mental essence and physical form.
    "Commander Ornigo, how many ships will be protecting Loma Dena during Trents completion?" asked the Chancellor of the alliance.
    "Two hundred and fifteen or so.  More than enough to repel any attack.  Besides, most of the threats are from the bottom of the batch criminals.  The only real threat is still from that General Hemm and he is somewhere in the Great Corridor," said Commander Ornigo.

    "Has Trent been able to find any sort of real threat?" asked the Chancellor.
    "None.  They all know Trent can monitor electronic transmissions, so they won't take a chance of making real plans of any sort.  We have been able to place operatives in most of Hemms pods, but still nothing that points to a direct attack on Loma Dena.  Besides, most know Loma Dena has a gravitirium shield," replied the Commander.
    "Considering the sophistication of some of our adversary organizations, I wonder how they could resist at leased attempting Trent's demise.  After all, common assumptions that he is the first of an army of indestructible beings has been circulating for years," noted the Chancellor.
    "Speaking of which, is it possible to make a body like Trent's for anyone?" asked the Commander.
    "Trent's, as far as we know, is a one-of-a-kind type being.  We refer to him as a mental essence, but that's only for lack of an empirical analysis.  Perhaps all beings have a mental essence which could be put into a body like this one for Trent.  Then again, maybe not.  Making a lot of bodies like this one for Trent is not a realistic endeavor.  The cost per body would be enormous, and at best we could only produce one every five years or so with excising resources.  Please inform me if you have something firm on our friend General Hemms," the Chancellor said as she signed off.
    "Sir, there has been an incident on a transport from Jumath.  Some sort of attempted hijacking," said a communications officer.
    "There must be at least one of those a day.  Anything interesting about this one?" the Commander asked.
    "Sir, you asked to be notified of any known member of General Hemms group became involved in an unusual activity.  The hijacker is one of General Hemms staff.  He is demanding to be taken to our headquarters," the communications officer answered.
    "Have them escorted to the base on Tullna, and notify the base commander to render all occupants unconscious, then quarantined in separate cells.  Navigation, take us to Tullna," the Commander ordered.
    At the science center, Trent's body was going through the final preparations of assembly which included expanding the video coverage and security.  There were throngs of beings trying to be as close as possible at the final moments when Trent actually takes possession.

    Pace, Orin, and Aukous sat in one of the auditoriums watching the news coverage on the big screen.
    "Look at that.  Unbelievable.  I wonder how Trent is going to react to all of this attention?" Aukous openly asked.
    "I wish I had the candle concession," Pace said, as the cameras panned part of one of the crowds watching the transmission from the assembly chamber.
    "Well, I guess we should get to our own positions.  I don't want to miss this myself," said Page.
    As they left the auditorium, they had to push their way through the masses.
    "Trent, how is your concentration?" asked one of the doctors standing next to the body.
    "I am still gathering.  However, I do have sufficient concentration as I am.  If I read the sensors correctly, the body is nearly complete," Trent stated.
    "Yes.  Yes, it is.  Remember, do not try to move until instructed," said the doctor.
    "Why does he have to wait to move?" asked Aukous.
    "The body is complete, but the connection tissues will need to be stressed little by little so as not to damage anything.  Even the muscle tissue will need to be strengthened before they will be able to support the body.  Plus, there is a substantial quantity of tranquilizers pumping through him, just in case there is an unexpected over reaction to the initial stimulus to initiate consciousness.  He might not be able to control it, and it could destroy to planet," Pace answered.
    "If he is made of gravitirium, why go through that?  Isn't he infinitely strong from the beginning?" Aukous asked in return.
    "Infinite might be a bit much.  He could however damage himself.  Remember, he's never had a physical presence.  Controlling it may be a challenge at first," replied Pace.
    "Here we go!" Aukous announced.
    "Begin the transfer," commanded a voice over the intercom.