Trent sat there till dawn listening to the wind and creatures of the night.
    Slowly the horizon began to lighten, the clouds gained a fiery glow and the sun transformed the cool dark of night to the warm light of day.
    "I feel like walking for a while," Trent said as he stood and eyed the mountains to the east.
    "Ok," said a tech.
    Trent began to walk toward the mountains, then began to run.  He ran to the top of the tallest peak.  He looked around pausing to concentrate on geological anomalies and esthetic pleasing vistas.
    "What is this animal?" Trent asked.
    "Ah, that is a bristle.  It is an omnivore, and grows to about twenty pounds," answered a tech.
    Trent watched the bristle forage on the face of an opposite peak and noticed that there were no dinosaurs.
    "I would to return Sairree one day," Trent stated.
    "That will be interesting.  I would like to go there myself," replied a tech.
    Trent walked down the mountain through the thickest of the forest and stopped in a shaded clearing.  He sat on a short slop covered in grass and fallen leaves lightly dampened with dew. 
    "I like the smell of this earth," Trent said as he scooped up a hand full and held it to his nose.
    "Great, your olfactory senses are functioning.  Plus, if you like something it means your scoop of feelings are covering a wider range than simply crushing rocks," a tech replied followed with a brief chuckle.
    "True. Very true.  Plus, I believe I am sensing the microbial life in it.  I am binding with the flora and fauna all around me and I am aware each of my somatic cells," Trent said sounding somewhat surprised.
    "You must be attaining a maximum saturation level," said Dr. Mollaty.

    "My central nervous system is calming.  My astrocytic glial cells are stabilizing in the production of thrombospondin," Trent stated.
    "Terrific.  Can you sense any other biochemical adjustments?" Dr. Mollaty asked.
    "My whole body seems to be adjusting.  There is steadily decreasing activity, and my core temperature is leveling off in the high nineties," Trent stated.
    "You may not have heard that, but there was a great sigh of relief around here," Dr. Mollaty said.
    Trent continued walking down the mountain toward a waterfall.  Once he got there, he stood under it with arms stretched outward.
    "This is a very pleasing experience.  You should try it," Trent said.
    "I would be crushed.  Speaking of invincibility, this is a good time to try you shielding.  Concentrate on forcing it away from you skin.  I have no idea on what you should feel," said a tech.
    Trent lowered his arms and tightened his muscles.  After a few minutes the water was repelled, even where it was making direct contact as it fell.
    "I am completely dry.  The temperature difference caused by the water is repelled as well as the water," said Trent.  He then increased the shielding several feet.
    "Your feet.  What is the shielding doing under your feet?" asked a tech.
    "I was sliding for a moment.  I guess the rock under me reached an equilibrium of sorts," said Trent.
    "Can you feel the shielding nanoscopic buttons?" asked Dr. Mollaty.
    "No. They are not sensed by the epidermis," Trent replied.
    "Try walking on top of the water with the shielding deployed." suggested a tech.
    "I sink really well.  Okay, here we go.  I am elevated above the water.  There is dent in the water where the shield comes into contact with it.  The impression varies a I vary the shielding intensity.  The more extended the shield, the shallower the impression." Trent said.
    "Spectacular.  Absolutely spectacular," Dr. Mollaty said.
    "I can move in the direction I lean.  Not very fast, but I save on foot ware," Trent added.
    "Try not to press your abilities to far.  Let your body and mind develop in synchronization.  Don't want to break anything," said Dr. Mollaty.
    Trent spent two more days wondering around Tropa before he thought he was ready to return to Loma Dena.
    "Welcome Trent.  It is indeed an honor to be the first to shake your hand," Dr. Mollaty said as Trent boarded the transport.
    "It is a pleaser to be able to shake your hand," Trent said with tears rolling down his face.
    The entire crew began clapping, whistling and shouting with a hyper zeal.
    "Come my lad, have a seat.  Let's try some coordination analysis. Corby, would you do the blood pressure.  Dr. Fummtic, would you start the blood work," asked Dr. Mollaty.
    The testing went on for hours.
    "You are functioning within acceptable parameters.  I am actually amazed, considering the complexity of your construction.  In fact, I am beyond amazed.  I personally gave this project a zero in the possibility of a successful completion category.  I feel my blood pressure dropping as we speak," said Dr. Mollaty.
    "I had the same feelings as to a successful outcome.  Now however, we should concentrate on the threat posed by General Hemm," said Trent.
    "Easy there my lad.  I would like you to make the social rounds before thwarting an army.  If Hemm and his henchmen feel to threatened, they may start attacking before we are ready to counter.  Besides, there are over a trillion beings out there awaiting your arrival.  You will be able to unite them in preparedness against Hemm when the time comes with a single speech.  Most of them have never actually even used a weapon, and are certainly not use to the deprivations of conflict," said Dr. Mollaty.
    On the way back they discussed strategy against General Hemm and updates on news from around the alliance.
    "Wow.  Look at the that," suggested the pilot looking at hundreds of thousands of transports around Loma Dena.
     "Let's get you snuck back onto our table," said a tech.
    Trent laid on the table.  A voice announced Trents awakening.  Trent sat up and gave a pretty good acting job as he gradually looked around and waved to the cameras and those looking through the viewer stations.