They crowded in and around the science center shouting and clapping.  After a few minutes Trent eased off the table and waved.
    "Hello to all," Trent said in a weak and shaky voice, then analyzed both sides of his hands.
    The doctors and technicians helped Trent to another room out of camera range.
    "We will post a notification when Trent can give an interview.  In the meantime, Dr. Litt will give you a technical summery of what has transpired to date.  Thank you," said one of the technicians.
    Trent spent the next few hours celebrating with the technicians and Doctors who had dedicated of their time and treasure to build his body making him a complete being.
    "Let's finish off the tests," suggested a tech.
    Trent was subjected to days of testing, and passed every chemical, physical and psychological test.
    "Your senses are surprisingly acute," said Dr. Mollaty.
    "A tribute to everyone involved," Trent replied.
    "What would you like to do first Trent my lad?" Dr. Mollaty asked.
    "I must meet with Pace, Orin and Aukous.  Then I would like to go to Rinthia and meet with the Fotes relatives.  After that, I guess we I should concentrate on Gen. Hemm," Trent replied.
    "I'll arrange one quick interview.  Pack and the other two are in conference room three," a tech said as she worked at a control panel.
    Trent stood at the conference room door trying to think of the right words to express his gratitude for his body and remorse for the loss of Cree.
    "Hello," Trent said as he opened the door.
    Pace, Orin and Aukous stood and clapped.
    "I must thank you for all of your sacrifices on my behalf. Thank you.  Thank you with all my heart. Now that I have one," Trent said. Adding, " I do not possess the words that can address the challenge of relating my feelings.  Now that I have feelings."
    After the handshakes and hugs they reminisced for a while, but the inevitable topic of Ventan brought the happy feelings to end.
    "I have not stopped searching.  However, as he could look like anyone and be anywhere it may take a while.  I will keep you up to date, but for now I must deal with Gen. Hemm after a visit the relatives of the Fotes," Trent stated as he stood, gave one last hand shake and thank you.
    "Why do I feel like this is just another day and Trent is just another being and there is nothing out of the ordinary," said Orin.
    "I know exactly what you mean.  Although I'll have to say that my meter has shot off the scale," Pace said.
   "He seems to have adjusted quite well and quickly to having a body.  I wish I could stay a while longer, but I am needed at home," Ackous announced as he gave a bowed to Pace and Orin and left for his transport.
    "He looks younger," said Pace.
    "Well, back to work," Orin said as they stood and went about their appointed tasks.
    As Trent made his way to the transport bay Dr. Mollaty called him and wanted to meet in his lab.
    "Trent my lad.  It's time to let you know more about yourself," Dr. Mollaty said.
    "More.  You mean something like I self-destruct after 30 days," Trent joked.
    "Humor.  This is a very good thing, but no.  You have the ability to change your appearance.  You can activate your genome to work with the rest of you body to build a different body.  You can change your eye, hair and skin color.  You can alter your height and even your weight by reducing your mass by thermal transfer or mass absorption.   All by simply concentrating on the changes you require," stated Dr. Mollaty.
    Trent stood silent for a moment," That's new.  Anything else?" Trent asked.
    "There are probably limits to this transformation process, but we do not know for sure.  Plus, your transport.  This is it," Dr. Mottay opened a live view window on the computer, "It has all the monitoring capabilities, several weapons, it is primarily made of gravitirium, it has three layers of shielding like your personal shielding and your other brain is in a compartment behind the back seat.  The propulsion comes in three states, sonic, nuclear, and a gravitirium system," Dr. Mottay stated.
    "Sleek," said Trent.
    "Yes it is.  And you will be the fastest transport out there.  And you will have the advantage of the three shields.  Nothing we know of can even come close to affecting you.  The first shield extends to about one hundredth of a light year, and is more of a activating sensory mechanism.  The other two react according to the threat.  We are going to take it to Tomics moon where you can affect the activation.  Just in case," said Dr. Molloty.
    "Just in case.  For now, I must go to Rinthia.  I will return in two days," Trent said, waving as he left.
    As Trent left the Ree system he passed a ship known to belong to Gen. Hemms organization.
    "See you soon there Gen. Hemm," Trent thought to himself.

Once on Rinthia Trent soon found that the passing of loved ones was dealt with in a matter of fact theme.
    "Excuse me, my name is Trent.  I knew your son Emmer.  I wanted to express my condolences as to his passing," Trent said in a low and humbling voice.
    "Thank you.  We appreciate your thoughtfulness.  I know he thought of assisting you in your explorations as a great privilege," said Emmers mother.
    "I wanted you to know that I will continue to search for Ventan Seil," Trent stated.
    "Find him if you must, but not for Emmer, or for us.  We see death as a natural event regardless of how it occurs.  When we die our bodies are placed in the sea of continuance, which is the starting point of our recycling process.  Semmas closest relatives have passed away, but they knew you would not rest until you caught up with Mr. Seil.  Your exploits are well known.  Would you like some abrum for your journey?" asked Emmers father.