"Thank you for the offer, but I am not capable of appreciating delicacies just yet.  I am still evolving both physically and mentally, and it may take a long time before I can coordinate the two.  I must now return Loma Dena.  Perhaps we will meet again.  Good bye," Trent said as he left. 
    Trent had a tingling sensation on the back of his neck as he walked to his transport.
    "Some emotions are not a good thing," Trent thought to himself.
    On his way back to Loma Dena Trent passed several transports.  He monitored several hundred beings designated as solders from the Great Corridor wars and now working for General Hemm and associates.  Trent stopped at the military intelligence headquarters to transfer the intelligence he had acquired on his trip to Rinthia before returning to Loma Dena.
    "There you are.  How did things go on Rinthia?" asked Dr. Mollaty.
    "Fine.  Now I must meet with MB's and Hiret's relatives," Trent said staring at the floor.
    "I will have them meet with you at the science center," Dr. Mollaty said.
    "I would appreciate that.  How long do you think it would take me to change my appearance?" asked Trent.
    "No idea.  You need to concentrate on the form you want to be.  Then concentrate on the DNA and RNA in all of your cells.  I suppose it will be gradual.  Probably painful as well," stated Dr. Mollaty. 
    "Comforting.  Very comforting.  Where do we stand with the new transport?" Trent replied.
    "We have licensed the design to several manufactures.  Soon you will see them everywhere.  No one will know yours from any other.  I guess you will be able to use yours in a few months," Dr. Mollaty said with a smile.
    "Good idea," Trent said.
    "What would you like to do now?" asked Dr. Mollaty.
    "I want to do a lot of things, but I need to concentrate on General Hemm.  He has recently moved quite a few militants to bases around the alliance," Trent said.

    "That is not comforting news.  When and what do you think he's going to try?" asked Dr. Mollaty.
    "He must be pressed for time.  He has limited resources, and a large obligation to all those beings he recruited.  As far as his expectations, who knows.  He can possibly thinks he can win a war.  I think he has another objective.  He is just using those resources as a diversionary tactic for a robbery of something.  Then again, I could be wrong," Trent said with a look of puzzlement on his face.
    "Emotion in your voice and on your face.  This is a good thing," Dr. Mollaty said.
    "I suppose.  I know there will be highs and lows," Trent replied.
    "Oh, and Trent my lad.  You should probably never tell anyone of your ability to change appearance," suggested Dr. Mollaty.
    "That was my understanding when you first mentioned it.  Actually, my first thought was, how neat is that.  I want to be bird one minute and a fish the next.  Will my shielding still work if I change?" asked Trent.
    "Sure.  But, be sure to coordinate changing with your other brain.  Just in case you need it to recover," Dr. Mollaty suggested.
    Trent returned to the military intelligence building.
    "Trent.  It's different talking to you in a physical form.  How does it feel.  Being a solid three-dimensional being?" asked Commander Dolten.
    "Oh, different for sure.  Can't quite put it to words.  So, where are we with Gen. Hemm?" Trent asked in return.
    "How does he think?  I cannot even begin to understand how anyone could put together an operation of the size and complexity he has, and still think he can win," said commander Dolton.
    "I think he's creating a diversion.  Kind of like he's manipulating his followers into a situation where they will most certainly die.  What he would be doing in the meantime could be almost anything.  In the data bases I compromised, there were no clues," said Trent.
    "Speaking of which, can you still do that kind of thing?" the Commander asked.

    "Not exactly.  I have some ability to bind, but not enough to be of use.  Perhaps at some future date.  However, when I passed those troop transports on my trip to Rinthia my onboard scanners had no problem capturing the info as you received it.  Must be international," Trent said.
    "More puzzle pieces.  By the way, there are eight intercepted messages in non-universal.  We thought they were code, but the historians found a Quibian dialect that was similar enough to make translation possible.  Here is what might be the key we need," said an officer as he turned the monitor toward Trent.
    "I believe this is in reference to a thermal nuclear device," Trent said.
    "More than one.  Although if there were such a weapon withing the alliance territory the sensors would have pick it up immediately," said another officer.
    "Perhaps we are not the target.  Mr. Timper, contact the military liaison for the Great Corridor.  Maybe they can shed some light on these intercepts," said the commander.
    "I must participate in the public appearances scheduled for me.  But, if you need me don't hesitate," Trent said. 
    "I wonder what it would be like to be Trent," said an officer watching Trents transport leave for Loma Dena.
    "Miraculous.  Everything about him is just simply miraculous.  I hope he stays on our side," the Commander said with half a laugh.
    "Thanks, now I have that flapping around in my head," said an officer.
    "Any time Lieutenant.  Any time," the commander replied with a smile.
    Once back on Loma Dena, Trent was shuttled from event to another.
    "Do you ever get tired of answering the same questions over and over again?" Pace asked Trent.
    "I owe so many so much.  Without all or you where would I be?" Trent replied.
    "Still, it would make me loopy.  I just don't have the patience.  What's up for today," Pace said.
    "Dr. Mollaty has secured me one of those slick new transports.  I think I'll see if the fly as good as they look," Trent answered.