"See if he will give me one," Pace said as Trent left.
    Trent raised he hand so as to say, "Sure."
    Trent and Dr. Mollaty made their way to Tomics moon.
    "There it is.  Does have an exceptional design.  Every time I see one, I have to stare," said Dr. Mollaty.
    "How many do you think have been produced thus far?" asked Trent.
    " No idea.  But I have seen a lot of them, and I am yet to someone who doesn't want one.  Well, there you are, see you back on Loma Dena," replied Dr. Mollaty.
    Dr. Mollaty and the support team left.  Trent sat in the pilot's seat and thought, "Let's take a slow trip to that mountain range to the right."
    To Trent's surprise the craft raised to the height of a one hundred feet, turned, and gradually began to increased velocity.
    Trent then thought, "It can read my thoughts.  That new."
    "The ship is not capable of binding with your mind," said a voice.
    "Who are you, and how are we communicating?" Tremt asked.
    "I am your other mind.  I guess your mental essence has a high binding ratio with me because Dr. Mottay placed me under the table when you were binding with your body.  My ability to converse with you is based on the fact that I am now bonded to the mind in your body.  We are now the same organism," Trent thought to himself.
    "Do you I get headaches?" Trent asked himself, "In a few minutes you will have saturated me, I mean you.  Then you will have all the knowledge I possess.  Patience."
    Trent could feel his knowledge base expanding and an alarming rate.
    "Wow.  This is incredible.  Wow," Trent said out loud.  
    Trent felt as if everything was spinning around him.  He was perspiring and had cold chills all over his body.

    "I wish I came with a manual," Trent thought and then began to laugh almost hysterically.
    After a while he calmed down, and was ready to give the transport its first test flight.
    "Dr. Mollaty, are you there?" Trent asked.
    "Yes Trent, we are here and ready.  All monitors are up and functioning," replied Dr. Mollaty.
    "Ok, rolling off the carriage. Initiate the sonic lift.  Perfect.  Hovering at ten feet.  Powering the nuclear drive," Trent announced.
    "No vibrations?" asked a tech.
    "None.  Smooth.  Engaging nuclear drive," Trent announced followed with a loud sound of surprise.
    Trent immediately disengaged the nuclear drive.
    "That was fun," Trent thought.
    "Trent! Trent where are you!" asked a tech.
    "About three million miles from where I was.  It was rather quick.  A regular craft and crew would have disintegrated.  Everything seems to be intact.  Good thing we came all the way here.  Probably not wise to use this type of nuclear drive with in a solar system.  I am using the old nuclear drive to build up to one hundred thousand miles per hour before trying the new nuclear drive again.  It may not be necessary, but getting a feel for these controls may take a bit of practice," Trent reported.
    "You have the helm," the tech said.
    "Ok.  Let us try this again.  Increasing thrust.  Already at one quarter light speed.  At light speed.  Monitors indicate clear path, and light speed two, light speed five, light speed twenty-five.  Monitors indicate hazardous materials field.  Slowing down.  Turning back.  Weaving.  Flipping.  Spiraling.  So far, so good.  Response is perfect.  Coming along side," Trent said with a grin.  Adding, "What a ride."
    "All systems report green.  See you back at the science center," said Dr. Mollaty.
    "I'll take the long way.  This gizmo is exhilarating," Trent began a long hearty laugh.  "I just realized that I'm a gizmo.  Perhaps I should use gizmo as my last name," said Trent. 
    He then pulled away, and was off the screen in a second.
    "I believe I would trade places with him in a heartbeat," said a tech.

    "Things do seem good for Trent thus far.  The burdens we place on him may be more than he, or anyone, can handle.  Everyone is going try and get a piece of him.  He will become a legend.  He will be an icon.  And, what happens when he can't help someone who takes it personally.  What happens when one person or group feels he has taken the wrong action," said Dr. Mollaty.
    "I hear there are many rumors swirling around about Trent is only one many.  And that the Ree are going to take over the universe and use all the other races as slaves." said a tech.
    "Hopefully rational beings will prevail.  If not, I we can always move to another galaxy," said Dr. Mollaty.
    Two hours later Trent made it back to the science center.
    "I got it up to one hundred- and three-times light speed with no problems.  Plus, when I passed monitor station p1p they did not detect me, so the shielding works as a stealth mechanism.  Ready for a slide around the system Dr. Mollaty?" asked Trent.
    "Later.  Much later.  That lingering feeling of hitting a pebble at ten times the speed of light haunts me to this vary day.  And tomorrow now that I think about. Did you try the weaponry?" asked a tech.
    "Sure did.  On and asteroid at the end of my run.  A one tenth second blast from the forward energy emitter turned a one mile long and one million four-hundred-ton rock into dust.  The others worked on a smaller scale on a moon in the Kimshki system.  Pretty much as expected.  I also passed through the dust cloud of that asteroid three times.  The last one was at fifty times light speed, and the shielding worked like a charm," Trent declared.
    "Great.  How well did you integrate with your other brain?" asked Dr. Mollaty.
    "Smoothly.  Putting it under the table during my bonding to this body was a good idea," Trent replied.