"Do it," Trent commanded.
    "There are two captives in a storage room not far from the engines," OM said.
    "Okay.  What would be a feasible rescue procedure?" asked Trent.
    "The room they are in is pressurized.  So, we could slice that section away from the rest of the ship.  That would destroy their communications capability and life support systems," OM stated.
    "Let's get it done.  Times not on our side when it comes to General Hemm," Trent said.
    Ship disengaged from the cargo vessel, and headed for the pirate ship.
    "The moment the room is free expand your shielding around it," Trent ordered.
    Ship used one of its particle beams carve the room from the pirate ship.
    "Back to the cargo ship, Ship," said Trent.
    "The pirates have been vanquished.  The prisoners are panicking due to the bouncing around and noises from the damage being done to their captor's transport," Ship announced.
    "Try and land them as softly as possible in the cargo bay," Trent said.
    Shortly thereafter Trent was opening the door to the captive's room which was smoking in places from the damage caused by the particle beam.
    "You are free," Trent stated to two young women huddled in the corner.
    They were too afraid to speak or even move.
    "Very well.  I will be right back with some food and water.  Then when you feel like coming out of there, you can," Trent said as he left to obtain the items mentioned.
    A few minutes later Trent returned with a variety of foods and liquids.
    "Here you go.  Take your time.  No hurry," Trent said.
    Trent returned to the control panel.
    "There is a hospital on a planet called Limnoff about three months from here at cargo ship speed," OM said.
     "Let's give them time to calm down.  Maybe they have a specific destination they would like, or need," Trent thought back.
    The two females slowly crawled to the front of their container.  They hurriedly consumed some of the food and drink, then with obvious caution, ventured into the cargo cavern.
    Trent slowly entered the room.
    "Hi.  My name is Trent.  What are your names?" Trent asked.
    The older of the two cleared her throat and said, "I am Kindra.  This is my sister Lossarra.  What are you going to do with us?" Kindra asked.
    "Take you to your home.  You are free," Trent said.
    "The bad beings killed our parents.  We have no family," Lossarra stated.
    "What planet are you from?" Trent asked.
    "Panet?  We did not have a planet.  We lived on a space station looking for a planet where we could live," Lossarra said.
    "The pirates destroyed your station?" asked Trent.
    "Yes.  I do not know why they kept us alive," said Lossarra.
    Trent thought it best not to offer reasons.
    "Where can we go?" Kindra asked.
    "We'll find a place.  Might take a while.  OM, scan for appropriate planets." Trent said.
    "There are several within a few hours if Ship does the transporting," OM replied.
    "Ship, take trip to those planets.  Scan them for general survivability, social stability, and General Hemm," Trent commanded.
    "So, tell me about your civilization," Trent prompted.
    "Our planet was devastated in a war a long time ago.  Our grandparents decided to use the Attomus to find a new planet.  That's about all there is," said Kindra.
    "What about you?" asked Lossarra.

    "Oh, I guess you could say that I am from far away.  From a planet called Loma Dena.  Have you ever heard of a General Hemm?" Trent asked.
    "No. Not really.  There were a lot of Generals mentioned during the war.  We seemed to always be at war," said Kindra.
    "Do you have skills of any sort?  Something you can do to sustain yourselves once we find you a planet?" asked Trent.
    "We both studied medicine.  I wanted to be a surgeon," Kindra said.
    "I studied pharmacology," said Lossarra.
    "Those are good professions.  You should do well," Trent stated.
    "Is there someplace we can shower and sleep?  We have been in that room for at several days," asked Kindra.
    "In the rear.  There are crew quarters that should be usable," Trent replied.
    The girls sleep for fourteen hours.
    "Good morning.  Any news?" Kindra asked.
    "Soon." Trent replied.
    "Is there something we can be doing.  We want to help if we can." said Lossarra.
    "Not much to do.  Have a seat over there.  I will show you how to use this ships library system.  Just say out loud your question.  The answer should be displayed on the monitor," Trent said, then thought, "OM, please answer their questions as best you can."
    "This is an amazing computer.  It has a tremendous library," said Kindra.
    "And the voice activation.  It's fantastic.  I wish we had one of our own," Lossarra said.
    They were enthralled for until Ship returned.
    "Ship is on its way back," reported OM.
    "Any luck?" asked Trent.
    "Three possibilities.  Gazi Farra is probably the best choice.  It was not affected by the war, and has good economy.  Plus, the society level is close to theirs.  I have pictures," said Ship.
     "I will pass that on," Trent said.
    Kindra and Lossarra agreed to give Gazi Farra a try.
    "OM, we need contact numbers for the appropriate immigration authorities," Trent said.
    After a few days of inquiries, they settled on opening their own health business.  Trent gave them enough gold to see them through.
    As Trent was leaving, Lossarra asked Trent if they would seem him again.
    "I have many things to do, but if my duties bring me back this way I will definitely stop in.  Good bye for now," Trent said as he left for the docking bays.
    "Back to our original course if you will Ship," Trent said.
    "Done," Ship replied.
    "Seems to be more communications regarding the Generals accomplices.  One of the sensors has stopped working.  No reason was sent," OM said.
    "Send a replacement.  We might need it," Trent said.
    "Logs from various authorities indicate that piracy is common though out this entire region," said OM.