"When you say some of them inside then slice and dice the rest, you do mean slice and dice," said OM.
    "Absolutely.  These are beings who have, for whatever reason, become predatory.  They must be removed, and there is apparently no one besides us to make that happen.  The base question is what responsibility do we have to their future victims," Trent thought back to OM.
    "How many pirates do you think there are?" OM asked.
    "We are continuing to look for General Hemm, not hanging around here waking pirates.  If that is your question," Trent replied.
    "This is the Lilton security force.  Stand down and prepare to be boarded," said someone from the approaching transports.
    "Standing down.  You may enter through the docking bay with the flashing yellow lights," Trent responded.
    The first ship entered the docking bay, and the other took a position just off the port side.
    "Hi.  We are searching for contraband, weapons, and slaves," said the first being to come out of the pirate transport.
    There were two others in the ship, and they followed closely behind the first.
    "There is only one being in the other transport.  Plus, these guys are being forced to be pirates.  The real pirates have their relatives as hostages," thought OM to Trent.
    "Disable the transport to our port side, and all the weapon from both," Trent ordered.
    "Should I render them unconscious?" OM asked.
    "Yes." Trent replied.
    "Here come C. G. Lock.  He is preparing to fire projectile weapons," said OM.
    "Disable his ship, and bring it to a position next to the one on the port side," said Trent.
    "He is quite excited.  He was also going to fire on the pirates," said OM.
    "Really.  That's a surprise.  Bring him into the other docking bay," Trent said.
    Trent left the pirates laying on the floor, and went to meet C. G. Lock.
    "His controls are mostly manual, and I am afraid I have damaged his ship," OM replied.
    C. G. Lock was yelling quite loudly when Trent entered chamber.
    "I am sorry about your transport.  I will replace it," stated Trent.
    "You sure will.  Why and how did you take control of my ship?  And are aware of the pirates just outside, and inside this ship?" asked C. G. Lock.
    "Yes, I am aware of the pirates.  But why were you about to attack them?  You are no match for their fire power," Trent said.
    "They held my family for two years.  They forced me to be one of them.  Then I found out they had already killed my family.  Now we must fight for our lives.  Do you have any weapons?" asked C. G. Lock as he nervously kept glancing all around.
    "He is telling the truth.  The records on his storage system show his family was killed the day after they were taken hostage," said OM.
    "Do not fear, these pirates have been neutralized.  Tell me more about the rest of the pirates," requested Trent.
    They entered docking bay 2.
    "These are not pirates.  They are like I was.  See those collars.  They be exploding if they get to far away.  How did you kill them?" asked C. G. Lock.
    "They are not dead, just unconscious," Trent replied.
    "What do you intend on doing with them?" C. G. Lock asked.
    "Remove those collars for starts.  OM, can you unlock those collars?" Trent asked.
    "Done.  Should I revive them?" asked OM.
    "Sure.  Why not.  If you see any hostility, render them unconscious again," Trent ordered.  
    The three beings gradually began to stir and grown.
    "The other being on the transport is their handler.  He be a real pirate." said C. G. Lock.
    "Bring in the other transport," Trent commanded.
    "Would you like that transport?" Trent asked C. G. Lock.
    "No papers to go with it.  I'd get nabbed for stealing it the first time I entered a lawful system," C. G. Lock replied.
    "How is the being we rescued doing?" asked Trent.
    "Not doing well.  He will expire in a few minutes," OM replied.
    The three beings forced to be pirates were sitting up, but not able to talk.  Trent pulled the real pirate out of his transport and laid him on the floor.
    "I need some intelligence from him," Trent said, looking at C. G. Lock who was walking toward the pirate with a knife he had pulled from his pocket.
    "Your collars have been removed.  You are free," Trent said.
    They looked at each other and tried to speak.
    "We will now try to rescue your families.  You will find food and drink in the galley though that greenish door," Trent added.
    "That being we rescued has died," said OM.
    "We will put him in the pirates transport and send him the closest authority," Trent responded.
    It was an hour before those forced to be pirates were in condition to speak coherently.
    "Where are your relatives being held?" asked Trent.
    "Why do you want to help us?  We would have killed you," asked one of the three.
     "Seems like the thing to do.  That one will divulge what he knows about his fellow pirates, then he serves no further purpose.  The thing to do with him at that point is termination," Trent said.
    C. G. Lock and the three talked in length about their ordeals.
    "Trent.  We have decided to work with you.  Perhaps some of our loved ones are still alive.  If not, we will hunt down and eliminate all the pirates," said C. G. Lock.
    The others let out yells of agreement.
    "My name is Jull Nombus.  There are hundreds of us under the control of the Wollen.  With your help to free them from the collars, we would have enough to clean up the entire galaxy," said Jull Nombus.
    "We will all fight to the death.  The Wollen have destroyed thousands of lives.  They must be stopped," said another of the three.
    "Very well.  Let's start with what this one can tell us.  OM, bring this being around," Trent thought.