There were beings laying everywhere.
    "OM, have all the collars uncoupled?" asked Trent.
    "Yes, all of the collars have been neutralized," OM replied.
    "Can you wake up just those who had collars?" Trent asked.
    "No.  The biological identities are too similar.  Perhaps you could choose a few individuals that might help identify the pirates.  I could bring them around and expand the process until all the pirates have been dispatched," OM said.
    "To C. G. Lock and the rest of the rescuers, follow that game plan," Trent commanded.
    Trent walked into the lobby of the resort.  There were many beings ranging in age from four or five to mid-twenties scattered all around, naked and obviously severely abused.  Trent knelt by a young woman with many burns and cuts.
    "OM, wake this one," Trent thought.
    The young female groaned and gasped for air.  After a few minutes she opened her eyes, looked at Trent and tried to crawl away.
    "You are free.  I need help with the others," Trent said to the women.
    She looked around.  Then she threw her collar.
    "Star with this," Trent handed the her a coat.
    She said nothing, but did clutch the coat.  After a minute she turned her back to Trent and put on the coat.
    "Come, let's find you some additional apparel," Trent said.
    "Who are you?" the woman asked.
    "Trent.  My name is Trent," Trent replied.
    Trent helped the women to her feet.  She was unsteady at first, but soon gained some strength.
    "Do not worry.  You are suffering from the effects of being rendered unconscious.  It will pass.  Will you help me locate the captives?  The sooner they are revived, the less difficult it will be," stated Trent.
    "OM, awaken those within my field of vision who are unclothed," Trent thought.
    "There are a great many beings trying to break through the shielding.  Some of them are wearing collars," OM replied.
    "Remove all collars as they are detected, and render those is the immediate vicinity not wearing collars unconscious.  We will try and sort things out later," Trent answered.
    "What if they are in a transport in motion?" OM asked.
    "Bring the transport to a stop, or land it if you can.  Besides, the captives are the ones who will be doing the driving anyway," said Trent.
    The captives were beginning to stir.  Trent the women went to storage room where she thought clothing was kept.
    "It is locked." the women said as she tried to open the door.
    Trent pushed the door off its hinges.
    "You are very strong," stated the woman.
    "Diet," Trent replied.
    "Right." the woman said.
    "What is your name?" asked Trent.
    "Milia.  Milia Hout," replied the woman as she sorted through the clothing.
    Once she was fully clothed Milia took Trent through the complex.
    "This is the room Kripa uses the most.  He ordered my family killed and me taken prisoner," Milia said.
    Trent pushed on the door until it and the frame fell into the room.  On the bed was a young girl with burns all over her body and handcuffed to the corner posts.  On the floor was overweight balding male.
    "I am guessing that is Kripa," Trent said as he pulled the handcuffs apart while asking OM if it was possible to block the girl pain.
    "I can dull the pain, but I cannot stop it completely," OM thought back.
    "Yes.  Yes, that is him.  Is he dead?" Milia asked.
    "Not yet," Trent answered.
    "Can I kill him?" Milia asked.
     "If you like.  But I can make him suffer for weeks in mortal agony." Trent replied.
    "OM, energize his pain centers," Trent commanded.
    With that Kripa began to shake, twist and make loud hissing like noises through his clenched teeth. 
    "While he is exercising let's help some others.  Then if you would, please come back and help the girl," Trent said.
"Yes, of course." Milia responded while spiting on Kripa.
    They went from room to room finding pirates and their victims with various degrees of injuries.
    "Trent, the local government has brought large weaponry to the try and force their way through the shield," OM announced.
    "We are done here.  How are the others doing?" asked Trent.
    "They freed most of the hostages and killed all of the pirates around their sites," OM replied.
    "Milia, can you organize this group into a recovery operation?" asked Trent.
    "I will try.  Where are you going?" Milia asked.
    "I am going solve a few other problems.  Good luck," Trent said as he walked through the door into the courtyard and boarded Ship.
    "Thank you, Trent.  Thank you," Milia said.
    Those who could repeated Milia words, and they all waved and rushed to watch Trent liftoff.
    "Can they handle the rest of this mess?" Trent asked OM.
    "I do not know.  They seem to be taking control.  In any event, records show a lot of activity with General Hemm on a planet in a nearby system called Amka," OM replied.
    "Then we are on our way," Trent thought to OM.
    They made one last pass over the currant activities to see if additional aid might be required.  The newly freed seemed to have things under control, so Trent was on his way to Amka.
    "Coming up on Amka.  There seems to be a lot of military activity.  Some heavy weapon fire at three locations.  General Hemm seems to be making a run for it.  There are four military ships following him, but he is in a much faster transport," OM stated.
    "Ship, put a hole in the generals power supply," Trent ordered.
Ship made a quick run out in front of the general and blew a hole in his transport's engine.  The general's ship was transformed into bright flash of light.
    "There should be more of that," Trent thought.
    "There is a culture in the next system that captures and enslaves members of a minority.  In fact, they eat them as well," OM stated.
    "Sound interesting.  I think we should take a closer look," Trent replied.