"In the information I have scanned thus far there are miscreants all over the place.  We could spend forever nullifying bad beings," OM said.
    "Well let's see, the first pirates I encountered were the Barkasians.  Then a young boy fed us a story about cannibals called the Bolts, the Woons who sacrifice beings on live viewing for profit, kidnappers called the Keeps, and the Lupas who hunted beings for their heads.  Now I think he was not kidding.  Any idea on what those we are about to encounter call themselves?" Trent asked.
    "The apparent bad beings are the Neffiree, and those they are preying on are the Mio.  The Mio do not speak universal, and descended from a reptilian genome," OM replied.
    "Is that a distress call?" Trent asked.
    "Yes.  It is emanating from a personal transport with a listing number RT-3434, and is one tenth light year to starboard," OM answered.
    "Ship, have a look see," Trent ordered.
    A few minutes later Ship reported back. "Three passengers alive, one pilot deceased.  The transport is coasting.  Life support is at sixty percent.  There are no transports heading in this direction."
    "Tow it back here," Trent ordered.
    "There are two other distress calls within a quarter light year, but there seems to be responders to them.  There are four military engagements within one third of a light year," reported Ship.
    Ship towed the transport to docking bay 2.
    "OM, open the door," Trent thought.
    "There is a manual lever.  I cannot move it," OM thought back.
    Trent ripped the door open.  On the inside there were two men and woman.  They were barely conscious.
    "They should be fine after their oxygen levels increase," OM said.
    "What were they doing out there?" Trent asked.
    "Logs say they were on their way to a science convention.  The males are bodyguards.  The female has something to do with bio-chemistry.  The reason for their transport's breakdown seems to by a small hole caused by a piece of debris the entered the pilots chamber, then the pilot," said OM.
    One of the males' passengers came around first.
    "Where are we, and who are you," He asked.
    "I am Trent.  This is a cargo ship.  You were in that transport which was giving an automatic distress call.  I brought you here.  And your name is?" Trent explained and asked.
    "Oh, a, my name is Eleed Cippis, I'm a security escort for Ula Yally.  She is to receive an award for some kind of chemistry thing.  And my associate Pumter Toss," Mr. Cippis said. 
    "When you feel like walking, there are facilities to your right," Tent said.   
    Ula Yally began to move right about that time, as did the other escort.  A minute or so later they were sitting upright.  Trent gave them the same explanation as he did Eleed Cippis.
    "Can you deliver us to Bashue?" asked Ula Yally.
    "Of course." Trent answered, then thought to OM, "How long will it take us to get there?"
    "It will take around two months at cargo ship rates," OM thought back to Trent.
    "It will take this old vessel two months.  Will that be soon enough?" Trent asked.
    Ula Yally sank in apparent despair.
    "Unfortunately, not.  The conference is in four days," said Eleed Cippis.
    "Well let's see if there is a transport in the area who can provide a quicker ride,,  Trent said as he entered the communications room.  He returned a moments later," seems there is a drone that is capable carrying your transport at far greater speed.  I relayed our coordinates, so it should be here in a minute or so."
    "What kind of cargo do you usually carry?" Ula Yally asked.
    "Oh, whatever pays I guess." Trent replied.

    "My father will reward you with whatever your heart desirers for saving our lives.  How can I get in touch with you?" Ula Yally asked.
    "I doubt we will ever meet again.  I'm headed to a planet called Lonngion to pick up a load from the Neffiree. From there who knows.  And I require no tribute for rescuing your party," Trent answered.
    "The Neffiree!  They are truly evil beings.  You should not do business with them.  It would not be wise, or safe," stated Eleed Cippis.
    "My father would see to it you never needed to work again.  I would hate to think the being that saved my life was killed by the Neffiree.  That's what they do you know.  They kill beings for whatever they can get from them.  They are just like the pirates near here," Ula Yally said.
   "Not so many pirates near here anymore.  But in any case, do not fear for my safety," Trent replied.
    "Then I will engage your services to transport the goods I will buy on Bashue.  I will pay you one thousand times whatever the Neffiree would pay you," said Ula Yally.
    "A very attractive offer, but I feel compelled to complete the business I have considered doing with the Neffiree.  It's only fair.  And here is your transport to Bashue," Trent replied.
    They shock hands, then were on their way.
    "Nice lady," said OM.
    "Yes, she is," Trent replied.
    After Ship had delivered Ula Yally and escorts to Bashue they decided to buy the fastest armed transport they could and hire a few mercenaries to provide some back up for Trent.
    "Coming up on Lonngion," OM reported.
    "Locate the Mio," ordered Trent.
    "They are everywhere.  Rather thinly dispersed.  Ah, a concentration of Mio to the left," OM declared.
    "Ship lets land just outside their view.  I will walk to their village," Trent said.
    "No village.  It seems hey just move around.  They are apparently hunter gatherer types," said OM.
    "Ok.  Which way are they moving.  I will get in front, and wait." Trent said.
    Ship sat down and they waited for the Mio.
    "That must be a Mio," Trent thought to ship.  Trent stood by a large plant.  Then added, "Hello.  My name is Trent."
    The Mio looked toward Trent, paused, then ran in all directions.