"What business is it of yours.  What do you want?" asked the being.
    "I want the Mio to have autonomy.  They will never be taken advantage of again.  I will return every now and then to ensure this happens.  I will leave them sufficient resources to maintain a comfortable independence.  Do you understand what I am saying?" Trent stated.
    The being nodded his head in acknowledgment.  Trent turned and left.
    "There are several Mio chained next to a cooking pit.  I cannot undo the locking mechanisms will require manual activity." said OM.
    Trent boarded Ship and went to the cooking pit.
    "They should have suffered." Trent said looking at the dead Neffiree laying all around the pit and cages holding the Mio still alive.
    A being approached Trent as if she might be attached.
    "I am Augli.  I do not know what happed.  They just all dropped dead." Augli said as she looked around.
    Trent walked to the cages holding the Mio and ripped the doors from their hinges.
    "Elic drolic opumic." Trent said at each door.
    The Mio exited their confinement with obvious caution.  Trent made a waving motion to indicate they could leave.  They did.
    "Why are you setting them free?" Augli asked.
    "Because I prefer to eat you." Trent said as he through Augli into the pit.
    At that time all the beings ran.
    Trent chased one down and demanded to be shown all of the pits, "Show me the other pits."
    The being agreed to help Trent.  They went to three hundred and fifty-two pits in all.  At each pit the scene was much the same.  There were mining camps, massive fields of produce and factories that Trent freed as well.            
    "A new problem.  Ula Yally and Eleed Cippis have apparently been taken hostage by several mercenaries she haired to come here and protect you.  They are continuing to head here, and are trying to contacted friends of theirs." OM announced.
    "How far out are they?" Trent asked.
    "Not far.  I can bring them in by remote." OM replied.
    "Proceed." Trent answered.
    While waiting for Ula Yally, Trent continued to organize the Mio.  When they understood they would no longer be eaten, they actually changed color.  They were had turned a kind of pinkish.  They also had seemed to pick up universal with little difficulty.  Although they did have a very strong accent.
    "They are entering the atmosphere." OM said referring to Ula Yally.
    OM parked the transport in the street in front of Trent and opened the hatch ramp.
    "Hello." Trent said as Ula looked out.
    "I guess you don't need any help." Ula said looking at the crowd of Mio.
    "I hear you wanted to help me.  Would you like to help the Mio?" Trent asked.
    Ula was still dazed from being rendered unconscious, again, and kidnaped.
    "Oh, a, I, I'm not sure what I could do.  Maybe." Ula replied in a shaky voice.
    "Let's get you a room at the best place in town.  It's called the Real Sleeper." Trend stated with a smile.
    "Which room is yours?" Ula asked in a voice indicating she was afraid to be alone.
    "I do not require sleep, and I will be here within moments anytime you need me.  Just say my name.  My hearing is very good.  Now however you should relax.  Have a shower and take a nap.  I will leave a monitor in front of your door.  Nothing can get past it." Trent stated.
    "Thank you.  I guess I could use a short rest." Ula said as she slowly closed the door. 
    Trent set about developing a plan to establish a series of community centers all over the planet which could facilitate the social and economic needs of both the Mio and the Neffiree.
    Fourteen hours later Ula awoke and was eager to help.  She left her room, and began to walk down the walkway.  The monitor followed her.
    "Trent! Can you hear me?" Ula said aloud.
    Within seconds Ship landed next to her.  The monitor stated that Ship would take her to Trent. 
    "Tell me if I am accelerating too fast for your physiology." Ship said as it accelerated to a height outside of the atmosphere.
    "He is not on this planet?" asked Ula looking at the planet below.
    "He is on the continent directly ahead.  If we travel through the atmosphere at a velocity that will provide equal time expenditures, we use taking this rout, the sonic creations from rupturing said atmosphere could do severe damage to the organisms along the flight path." Ship explained.
    "That's considerate." Ula said while having a vice like grip on the seat caution.
    Ship landed next to Trent.
    "Hi.  One really nice transport you have here." Ula said.
    "It will do." Trent replied.
    "So, were do we start?" Ula replied.
    Trent gave her a run down on how to coordinate a reconstruction.
    "This is going to take a while.  Do the Neffiree have the resources for this degree of restructuring?" Ula asked.
    "No.  They squandered the gains from their exploitations.  Therefore, I will leave the Mio a sufficient quantity of gold to complete the required construction.  They will need an honest advocate to deal with those who would take advantage." Trent stated
    "We can provide that expertise.  However, if you leave that much gold laying around every criminal within a hundred light years will home in on this place." Ula stated.
    "This monitor will provide protection for as long as necessary." Trent said.
    "How can this little thing protect against an army of crooks?" Ula asked.
    "T-14-C, would you please divide that rock into one hundred peace of similar size." Trent asked T-14-C.
    A sight dust cloud appeared around the rock, and slowly drifted away with the breeze.  There was no apparent damage to the rock.
    "And that was supposed to do what exactly?" Ula asked.
    "T-14-C would you please spread the pieces over the ground." Trent asked T-14-C.
    T-14-C did as Trent had asked.
    " Ok.  I believe." Ula said with a surprised tone to her voice.