"I will return every now and then to see how things are going.  In the meantime, I am sure you will do fine things for the Mio," Trent said.
    "My father will be here in two weeks.  You'll stick around that long, won't you?" Ula asked.
    "Sure.  I have no immediate plans to leave.  Besides, there are still many unpleasant beings here and more on their way," Trent stated.
    "More?" Ula asked.
    "More.  Most are from organizations who have heard about their employees dying by my hand.  Some think I am a small military detachment send to subdue organized criminal activities," Trent replied.
    "Can T-14-C protect us from a bunch of armed criminals?" Ula asked.
    "The T-14-C is capable of eliminating any threat, regardless of size." Trent said in a reassuring voice.
    "I hope your right," Ula replied.
    "For instance, in an hour or so there will be a group eight Neffiree who are advancing on this location with the intent of killing me," Trent said.
    "What are you going to do with them?" Ula asked.
    "They are among the best educated of the Neffiree.  They know how the commerce was conducted, and their social class is looked up to by most of the other Neffiree.  Therefore, I will give them an option of working form a more equal society, or die horribly," Trent stated.
    Ula smiled, Trent did not.
    "I don't seem the Mio taking revenge on the Neffiree.  I would.  They just walk around like tourists," stated Ula.
    "The Mio are not by nature a violent species.  Unless you are a bug that is," Trent said with a chuckle.
    A few weeks later Ula told Trent her father and entourage had arrived.  They got straight to work building an entirely new society, and Trent was ready to move on.   
     "Have you decided where you're going?" Ula asked.
    "A system with two planets fighting an invasion from a neighboring system," Trent replied.
    "Need some company?" asked Ula.
    "I have no idea how long it will take to solve that problem.  Plus, I have no idea what will happen after that," Trent answered.
    "I don't mind.  You're the most interesting being I've ever met.  Running around solving problems, saving beings, building nations.  What could be more interesting than that," stated Ula.
    "Not that simple.  You are not capable of surviving the extreme inertia you would be exposed to in traveling at the velocities required to get from place to place in a reasonable time span.  If we traveled at velocities, you could survive you would die of old age before completing the journey," Trent answered.
    "How about you.  How do you survive," Ula asked.
    "I am not organic in the same way you are," Trent replied.
    "No kidding.  Still, I would like to try.  What an adventure.  I'll risk it," Ula said.
    "Sorry.  It would not be a risk.  It would be forfeiting your life for nothing.  My next stop will take me an hour at most.  At a velocity you could survive it would take thousands of years.  However, if were possible I would gladly accept your company," Trent said
    "Are you a robot, or cyborg or something?" Ula asked.
    "Good question.  I have not thought of my body that way.  It was created by a race called the Ree to house my mental essence.  It is a long story.  For now, you have a very meaningful challenge before you right here.  Perhaps we will meet again.  I wish you and your family well.  Oh, T-14-C will honor your commands.  Goodbye for now," Trent said as he boarded Ship.  In a flash he was out of sight.
    "Have you got more info on our next project?" Trent asked OM.
    "I have nothing more than the warning issued against going there.  This will also take us closer to the main routes through the Great Corridor," OM replied.
    "Good.  When we are in range make reservations on Sairree.  There are some dinosaurs I would like to see up close," said Trent.
    "I will add it to the list," OM replied.
    "In the meantime, how is the military doing?" Trent asked.
     "They seem to be elsewhere.  There are pirates in all directions," OM answered.
    "Take a course that will lure out some pirates," Trent ordered.
    "There is another distress call.  It is behind us," OM said.
    They turned around, and where there in minutes.
    "We received your distress call.  How can we be of assistance?" Trent called.
    They turned their transport to a head on position.
    "You scum will turn off your power supply, and prepare to be boarded.  If you don't comply, we will fire on you," came a voice over the com.
    "They sound like unpleasant beings.  Are there any closer by?" Trent asked OM.
    "Three more vessels on their why from a planet in that binary star system dead a head," answered OM.
    "We are not sure what you mean.  Do you want us to eat you now, or later?" Trent transmitted.
    There was a pause.
    "There associates are ten minutes away," OM stated.
    "You are funny beings.  We will kill you slowly,"  A voice replied.
    "OM, would you please stop their hearts?" Trent asked of OM.
    A few minutes later their associates arrived.
    "Kimmly!  What are you waiting for.  Kill them," the voice demanded.
    "We have already had our fun time.  Have a nice day," Trent said as the four transports exploded.

    "To the rest of you pirates out there!  Let's have some more fun time.  I'll be trolling this whole region for you.  Do not disappoint me.  I will just get angrier, and you do not want that.  This is Trent, see you soon," Trent said on all channels.
    "That was fun.  Have a fix on our nest destination?" Trent asked OM.
    "The names of the two planets under attack are Flonn and Casslot.  The planet doing the attacking is called Nan, and you are receiving dozens of challenges to your announcement," OM replied.
    "Well, let us not disappoint," Trent replied