"I am from a place very far from here.  By the way, your weapon will no longer function.  Now if you will excuse me, I want to talk to Mr. Carlton," Trent replied.
    The solder tried to fire the weapon.  It failed.
    "Hello.  My name is Trent.  I came here to ask you a few questions about this problem with the Non.  If you have time," Trent said.
    "Ya. Ya, I have the time.  You better hurry thought, the Non will be here any moment," Mr. Carlton replied.
    "Believe they will be while.  In any event, I would like to know what started this conflict and what would you suggest as a method to stop it," Trent stated.
    "What?  Are you kidding?  I can see you are not from here, but you could not have gotten this far without finding out something about this conflict as you call it.  Maybe you could be a bit more specific," Mr. Carlton said as he continually glanced around looking for the Non.
    "Well, I thought you would have good grasp on the points of view from all sides.  In as much as you are a journalist.  And you need not worry about the Non.  They are surrounded, and their weapons no longer function," Trent said.
    "Their transports will soon be here.  You can't imagine just how much they like to kill," Mr. Carlton shouted while still glancing all around.
    "Their transports are not coming.  There is no longer a blockade, and I will see to it the Non never return.  If there is a reason.  So please enlighten me to the overall circumstances," Trent said.
    "What army do you belong to?" asked Mr. Carlton.
    "No army.  Just me.  My technology is quite advanced," Trent said.
    "Sure.  Show me," demanded Mr. Carlton.
    "OM, would you please connect Mr. Carlton to the militaries space intelligence service so that he can hear them discussing the departure of the Non blockade vessel," Trent thought to OM.  Trent then added, "Listen to your communications device."
    Mr. Carlton did so.
    "They are rather excited about the departure of the Non blockade.  How did you do that?" Mr. Carlton asked.
    "Technology," Trent replied.
    "Okay.  Well, the Non used to do a great deal of commerce with us.  After a while they wanted more than we could produce and still feed ourselves.  So, they then began taking what they wanted.  They justified their actions by saying it was their right.  That we were to blame for trying to starve them," Mr. Carlton explained.
    "I see.  I will leave you then.  Now I think I shall pay a visit to Flonn." Trent climbed into Ship, and was on his way.
    Mr. Carlton and the solder just watched as Ship speed out of sight.
    "Au.  I didn't get a picture," Mr. Carlton said as he stomped his foot.
    "I was told to guard him.  I will be court marshaled," the solder said.
    "OM, what can you pull up in the way of scholars of political expertise," Trent asked OM.
    "There are twelve thousand six beings with political designations associated with degrees from institutions of higher learning," OM replied.
    "Pick one in the upper age bracket," Trent ordered.
    "Mrs. Vilott.  She has forty plus years teaching," OM answered.
    "Can you locate her communications device?" Trent asked.
    "Yes," Trent replied.
    "Hello," said Mrs. Vilott.
    "Hy.  My name is Trent.  I have just spoken to a Mr. Carlton on Casslo, and I thought I should talk to someone on Flonn before I take action in regards to the present conflict with the Non.  If you have the time," Trent said.
    "Take action?  What sort of action?" Mrs. Vilott asked.
    "I am not sure.  I could eliminate the entire species, or just confine them to their planet." Trent replied.
    "You can do that?" Mrs. Vilott asked.
    "Yes.  I have the technology.  It is a matter of what is the right thing to do," Trent answered.
    " I have a mid-day break in half an hour.  Would that do?" Mrs. Vilott asked.
    "Yes.  That would be fine.  However, I not from your system.  My appearance would draw a great deal of attention.  Somewhere private would be best?" Trent asked.
    "Not from our system.  Alright.  There is an arboretum on the roof of the library.  Would that do?" Mrs. Vilott returned.
    "Yes.  If there are few beings there to interrupt," Trent said.
    "Unfortunately, there will be few if any students musing there," Mrs. Vilott said.
    Trent walked across the campus attracting the expected attention.  He waved and smiled as he went.
    "I'm guessing you are Mr. Trent," Mrs. Vilott said.
    "Just Trent.  Before the onslaught of the curious, could you tell me your understanding of the current conflict?" Trent asked.
     "The Non were good trading partners at first.  Then as the interstellar transporting became easier the disputes became more and more serious.  Most serious were the demands made by us.  We wanted more and more for our produce.  The Non finely reached the breaking point.  They refused to pay the dept they had accrued and we stopped food shipments.  They responded by raiding our warehouses.  We retaliated by attacking their space ports, and they totally destroyed ours," stated Mrs. Vilott.
    "How would you solve the present turmoil?" Trant asked.
    "I see no immediate solution.  The hateful emotions of those affected need time to fade," Mrs. Vilott stated as she stared blankly at a flower by her left shoulder.
    "Thank you for talking to me.  I will remember your words.  Have a nice day," Trent replied as he left.
    Mrs. Vilott remained fixated on the flower.
    "Ship!  Let's see what the Non have to say," Trent said.
    "Do you want a particular type of being to talk to?" OM asked.
    "A doctor.  Let's get the opinion of a someone in the medical field," Trent suggested.
    "Big hospital type, or small community type?" OM asked.
    "Small community," Trent stated.
    "A Mrs. Lussar.  She has a small clinic in a community of seven hundred or so," OM replied.
    "Or so?" Trent said.