"Yes.  The electronically stored dated is five years old.  That would be about the time the conflict started," OM stated.
    "Find her house.  When she is alone, I can talk to her without a hoard of onlookers," Trent said.
    "For her it is the middle of the day.  There is another doctor on the opposite side of the planet whose residence is somewhat isolated," OM suggested.
    "Okay," Trent replied.
    "Hello," Dr. Dokem answered to Trents call.
    "Hello, my name is Trent.  I would like to solve the current conflict, and I need impute from those who might have firsthand knowledge as to the real cause of its initiation," Trent explained.
    "At this time of night?  Maybe tomorrow.  Call me back then," said Dr. Dokem.
    "That would be a bad idea.  You see I am from another planet altogether.  My appearance would draw unwanted attention," Trent replied.
    "Another planet?  Which, other planet?" asked Dr. Dokem.
    "A planet called Loma Dena," Trent replied.
    "When exactly would you like to meet?" Dr. Dokem asked.
    "I can be at your front door in fifteen seconds," Trent answered.
    "Good morning," said Dr. Dokem.
    "Hi." Trent replied.
    "You do look like your from another planet alright.  Why do you think you can bring an end to your present conflict?" asked Dr. Dokem.
    "My technology is advanced enough to allow be to do many things.  I do not want to cause undo grief to the wrong beings.  Therefore, I need reliable information as to how this conflict start and what causes it to continue," Trent stated.
    "Hum...  Well to start with, the trade between the planets was going well, considering it took four thousand years or so to develop. It took a while once traveling those distances became feasible after the first colonializations.  Over time the separation created three different political and commerce systems.  At one time or another there was hundreds of years with no interaction what so ever.  Back then the cost of interplanetary travel was very expensive and dangerous.  Anyway, some rather unscrupulous Flonn and Casslot companies raised the price of seed so high we could no longer afford it.  They then tried to take over the mining companies.  That was when the fighting started.  We had very little food, and they had almost no capability for heavy manufacturing.  Ever sense then the conflict grows then wanes.  Does that help you?" Dr. Dokem said.
    "Yes, thank you," Trent answered.
    "How do you think you are going to fix this mess?" Dr. Dokem asked.
    "The Casslot and Flonn help you with agriculture.  The Non help the Flonn and the Casslot with mining and manufacturing technology.  Something like things were in the beginning," Trent said.
    "Yes.  We all know what needs to be done.  The question is how to remove a thousand years of animosities," Dr. Dokem replied.
    "I will provide an arbitrator.  A monitor that will insure the peace, and compliance with afore stated goals," Trent stated. Negotiator
    "An arbitrator.  It would be an extreme challenge.  It would take a long time.  What organization would be willing to endure sure a task?" Dr. Dokem asked.
    "An autonomous prob.  Thank you for your time.  I will stop all hostilities now, and in a day or two I will have everyone working together.  Have a good life," Trent said as he left.
    Trent hijacked all of the communications networks and transmitted his intentions.  All hostilities were to stop immediately.  A steady communications system would be open to all.  The prob would supply some technological advice, and punishment to anyone acting contrary to the desired goals.
    "That went sort of well.  Anything out there worth looking at?" Trent asked OM.
    "No," OM replied.
    "Good.  Let's go to Sairree, and walk with the dinosaurs," Trent said.
    "Without interruptions, twenty-six days," OM answered.
    "Why so long?" Trent asked.
    "The velocity of this cargo ship.  Drawing attention is not a priority," OM said.
    "Another emotion just presented itself," Trent thought to himself.
    "There was an asteroid collision with a robotic transport about thirty minutes to the left.  Just a little to the left.  It will crash into space inhabited station in two hours," OM announced.
    "Okay.  Let's give it a nudge," Trent suggested.
    A few minutes later OM said," the station is now announcing emergency evacuation.
    "Tell them we will move the freighter way from them," Trent said.
    "They acknowledge the message.  Five have already ejected.  One of them has a leak, and is requesting assistance.  The station has no rescue vessel close by," OM said.
    "Let them know we will respond," Trent said.
    "May be too late.  Someone has fired a weapon at the freighter.  I suppose they intended to divert it from the station.  The debris however will collide with the station at multiple points," OM said.
    "Grief.  Let's save as many as we can," Trent commanded.
    "We can place ourselves between the station and most of the debris, but we cannot get there fast enough to prevent all of the collisions," OM said.
    "We can do no more than we can," Trent replied.
    Moments later Ship had extended shields to protect most of the station.
    "Let's scoop up those drifting off in escape pods, then we can stabilize what is left of the station," Trent ordered.
    "Courses are plotted," OM replied.
    Ship quickly attached to and carried five pods to docking bay 2.
    "Wow.  That was extraordinary.  We would have died out there.  Thank you.  Thank you," said the first passenger
    "You are welcome," Trent replied.
    All together there were sixteen in the pods.
    "My name is Trent.  Welcome.  Do any of you have an expertise that could aid in further rescue.  Such as engineering knowledge of the structure of the station," asked Trent.
    "Ship is using its shielding to maintain survivable integrity of one damaged compartment.  If it moves, the survivor inside will no longer be a survivor," OM stated.
    "I will seal the breach," Trent said as he left the hanger and scaled the outside of the cargo ship.  When he got to the right point, he expanded his shielding to push himself to where Ship was providing a seal to the breach.