STrent pushed parts of the station together until they provided an air tight seal.
    "Are there injuries?" Trent asked as he returned.
    "No.  We are fine," said one of those rescued.  Adding, "How did you do that?"
    "Oh, I just held my breath," Trent replied with a smile.
    "We are very grateful.  Can you take us back to our station?" another asked.
    "Of course," Trent replied.
    "Something you should know.  They have been attacking the species called the Looma.  There station is a missile launching platform," OM stated.
    "Of course.  Did we rescue the bad guys?" Trent thought to OM.
    "I do not know enough about the conflict just yet," OM answered.
    "So, what do you use your station for?" Trent asked.
    "It's part of our defense shield.  At the moment we're at war with the Looma.  We must resume our posts, immediately," said another of the survivors wearing the most impressive uniform.
    "Who are the Looma?" Trent asked.
    "The Looma are the blasphemers who worship the false god Inom.  That's who the Looma are.  They must be destroyed," said another of the stations crew in a loud angry voice.
    "And you worship?" asked Trent.
    "We are servants of the one true god, Vicla," replied the same being.
     "Where did you get that weapon deployment station?" Trent asked.
    "From Vicla.  She provides all," said another crew member.
    "Do the Looma make their own weapons, or does Inom provide them weapons as well?" asked Trent.
    The crew of the station looked at each other to see who would answer the question.  None did.
    "So, how long has your race and the Looma been separated?" Trent asked.
    Again, they just looked at each other.
    "Would you take me to meet Vicla?" Trent asked.
    "You?  You are not one of us.  You can't meet Vicla," said the one with the fanciest looking uniform.
    "Why?  I would like to know a true god," Trent replied.
    They once again just looked at each other.
    "I will take you to Vicla.  Vicla will be please you saved us," said one of the survivors.
    "No.  Vicla may not like you bringing strangers to see her," One of survivors said in an anxious voice.
    "This Trent being seems to be far more advanced than us.  He would make a good ally," replied the survivor.
    "I will take Trent to Vicla," said the survivor in the fancy uniform. Then he added, "I am Lieutenant Abata Holl.  I am in command of the station.  I will take you to see Vicla.  If she will see you that is."
    "I would gladly serve god," Trent replied.
    Trent and Abata Holl boarded Ship, and were off.
    "This should be interesting," Trent thought to OM.
    "Yes, it should." OM answered.
    "Lieutenant, tell me something about Vicla," requested Trent.
    "She is the provider of all things.  She made the universe.  She protects us.  She is all that is." the Lieutenant explained.
    "I understand how that would be a great comfort," Trent said.
    "Where are you from that you would not know of Vicla?" the Lieutenant asked.
    "I guess I have led a sheltered life.  I do not get around much," Trent said.
    "You have great technology.  I'll bet you could wipe out the Looma all by yourself," said the Lieutenant.
    "I probably could," Trent said, then thought to OM,  "Do not let anyone fire anymore missiles while I am meeting the one and only god Vicla."
    "Okay," OM thought back.
    "There.  That dark green patch.  She resides in the middle," the Lieutenant pointed out.
    Trent landed in front of large citadel of white stone, glass and metal.
    " Impressive architecture," Trent commented.
    "Yes.  It took us two hundred and eighty years to complete," the Lieutenant said with great pride.
    "According to the records, Vicla is a mining consortium.  They are concentrating their efforts on lithium.  So, it seems is Inom," OM reported.
    "How did these beings come the think Vicla and Inom are gods," Trent asked.
    "No real records of that.  But it probably happened gradually.  Both operations have records going beck a thousand years, and are from other systems," OM reported.
    "Well then.  I am will to say that I am not going to be welcomed with open hearts.  How is in charge of Vicla?" Trent asked.
     "Prigett Ol Amola," OM replied.
     Trent and the Lieutenant to the front doors where two guards stood with weapons at the ready.
    "We are here to see Vicla," the Lieutenant said as he presented his credentials.
    "No one is allowed.  Leave." one of the guards shouted.
    "Put these two to sleep," Trent thought to OM.
    The two guards yawned, and slid to the ground.
    "Shall we," Trent said to the Lieutenant as he opened the door.
    "What is wrong with the guards?" the Lieutenant asked.
    "Over worked," Trent answered.
    Inside there were dozens of beings sitting at desks or walking around.  They all stopped what they were doing and stared at the Trent and the Lieutenant.
    "You are not supposed to be in here.  Get out right now," screeched a female with very short hair.
    The Lieutenant was silent.
    "I am here to speak with Prigett Ol Amola.  I will speak with her now.  Please," Trent said in a polite soft voice.
    Three guards ran up to Trent.
    "Let's go," one guard shouted.
    "Perhaps you did not hear what I said.  I am here to speak with Prigett Ol Amola now.  Please," Trent announced in an elevated voice.
    The Lieutenant was now cowering behind Trent.
    "We must go.  They will do bad things to us.  Trent, we must go!" the Lieutenant said with tinge of fright in his voice.
    "What do you mean by they will do bad things to us?" Trent asked the Lieutenant.
Before the Lieutenant could speak, one of the guards sprayed a chemical at Trent.  The Lieutenant tried to run for the door, but Trent caught him by the collar.
    "You really should not have done that," Trent said.
    The guard then tried to hit Trent with metal baton.  Trent grabbed the guard and through him into the front doors hard enough to tear them off the hinges.