"They are not considering thanking you," OM thought to Trent.
    "One more and we are off to the crystal cavern you mentioned," Trent said with a sigh.
    "Hi there.  We are going to tow you to safety," Trent transmitted to the disabled transport.
    "Someone is trying to open the main entrance door," OM said.
    "Why?  Never mind.  Can you prevent that action?" Trent asked.
    "I can render that being unconscious," OM said.
    "Do so," Trent ordered.
    "Done," OM said.
    "Do they speak universal?" Trent asked.
    "Yes.  There records show a lot of religious doctrine," OM stated.
    "Figures," Trent replied.
    "They demand to be taken back.  They also have many unpleasant things to say about your lineage," OM said.
    "Let me guess.  They want to take a journey that leads them from here to the realm of some god," Trent thought to OM.
    "Precisely.  The same scenario as the other religions.  Their leader is not present.  Probably on some pleasure planet spending their wealth," OM stated.
    "I have decided to take you to your leader.  And when we get there, I will show you what has become of your assets.  I will also try and recover as much of those assets as possible.  So, ready or not, here we go," Trent said to the group in the transport.
    "Their log states they left a planet called Noctoch," OM said.
    " Then let's start there.  What do they call themselves?" Trent asked OM.
    "The Eternal God Saints.  If I am translating correctly," OM replied.
    "Hello, me again.  I am towing you to Noctoch unless you know your leader is somewhere else," Trent stated.
    "I am Calv Brite.  You must let us continue on our quest to join with the eternal god almighty.  You have no right to prevent us.  You have no right," said Calv Brite.
    "I cannot let you throw your lives away on some phony god ideology.  All I can do is show you how you have been cheated.  You can always commit suicide later," Trent replied.
    "We ain't committing suicide, we are going to be with the god almighty for all eternity," said another of the group.
    "We are the chosen," another spoke up.
    "Yea, we are the chosen," said another.
    "You are the chosen alright.  You were chosen because you could be manipulated into imprinting with this ideology, which was cleverly presented to you by the being running this sham," Trent said.
    "Blasphemy, Blasphemy.  You will go to the pits of Boldous." said Caly Brite.
    "Their leaders uses the name Elemel the third all reverent disciple of the one true eternal god almighty.  That is all on this transport's info center," OM thought to Trent.
    "Quite the title." Trent thought back.
    "So, what can you tell me about this Elemel being?" Trent asked Caly Brite.
    "You are not worthy of speaking his name.  You are not worthy of speaking his name," shouted one of the others in the group.
    "Coming up on Noctoch.  Elemel only shows up on electronic storage data banks five years ago.  He has no assets under the name Elemel.  Clay Brite transferred his net worth to Elemel six months ago.  The was one deposit of that exact amount to a Mota Cedden at the First Bank of Noctoch.  There is no record of Mota Cedden on Noctoch prior to the arrival of Elemel," OM said.
    "Did you all hear that?" Trent asked the group.
    "Lies," one of them replied.
    "Sorry.  No lies," Trent replied.
    "If you will provide me your names, I will try to trace your assets," OM asked the group.
    "We will give you nothing.  Let us go.  Let us go right now," another of the group shouted.
    "You have no right to be doing this," shouted still another.
    "Yeah, I heard you the first time," Trent replied.
    "Me.  You can find my contribution," said a lady with long blond hair.
    "Okay, what is your name?" Trent asked.
    "Ambari Enn.  My account number was #1816a426 at the Delbrous First Depository," Ambari Enn stated.
    "Your, contribution, was also deposited to the account of Mota Cedden," Trent replied.
    One by one they all wanted to know what happened to their savings.
    "There is a Mota Cedden residing on an island called Vimlana.  Do you know of this island?" Trent asked.
    "Yes.  It is an expensive resort," answered on of the group.
    "We are directly over the island.  Would you like to be docked at the resorts landing area?" Trent asked.
    There was a resounding yes from the group.  Ship transported their transport to a docking bay.
    "Before you confront Mr. Cedden, I will transfer the amounts you donated to an account under all your names, if you would like?" Trent asked.
    "OM, why not set up an account for the rest of the money while your at it." Trent suggested.
    "Under what name?" OM asked.
    "Would you beings help others recover their money?" Trent asked.
    The group accepted.
    "Mind if I have a little discussion with Mr. Cedden before you confront him," Trent asked.
    "Not at all," said Ambari Enn
    "Good.  I will be right back," Trent said.
    A few minutes later Trent returned.
    "Okay.  Mr. Cedden gladly accepted my solution.  You will find him most accommodating," Trent stated.
    "Thank you, Mr. Trent.  Thank you," said one of the group.
The others chimed in with thank you several times.
    "Not a problem.  And it's just plain Trent.  Good luck, and stay away from the supernatural," Trent said.
    "Where to?" OM asked.
    "Let's catch that super nova," Trent suggested.
    "Analysis indicates the star pulsed outward.  Those we towed would have been vaporized.  Now the star will be in contraction for another seven hundred and thirty thousand years," OM stated.
    "That's just a bit more than I am willing to wait.  I suppose we may as well head for Glittia," Trent thought OM.
    "Do you think Priget Ol Amola and Brandon Newn will be working on setting things right with the Glittians?" asked OM.
    "I am guessing no.  I feel it necessary to try.  The Glittians will need many years of assistance to build a viable government, and a probe will not work," Trent stated.