"Can you determine the origin on that transport?" Trent asked OM.
    "It is registered to DuTelly Delivery.  I am guessing these beings are not associated with DuTelly Delivery," OM replied.
    "Does it have a homing capability?" Trent asked.
    "Yes.  I can activate it if you would like," OM replied.
    "Stop their hearts and return it.  Ship, on to Litus," Trent ordered.
    Halfway to Litus a message Pace had sent caught up with Trent.
    "Hello Trent.  I and a lot of others have been following your travels with great interest.  Some think you are a bit harsh, and others think you should wipe-out every bad guy in the universe.  I think your doing just fine.  Loma Dena is returning to its pre-nuke activities, except for the gravitirium processing.  I'm afraid that may take a few thousand years at pest.  Good luck from everybody, and stay on Ventan!" the message from Pace ended.
    "OM, send an acknowledgment to Pace including a thank you and best wishes," Trent ordered.
    "Sent," stated OM.
    "After picking up the new cargo ship let's check that part of my mental essence searching the Great Corridor for Ventan.  Maybe there is an inability to connect to the monitor.  Do you have contact with the monitor in that region?" Trent asked OM.
    "There has been no interruption with that monitor.  Perhaps that portion of your mental essence has not gained enough density to extend its interaction capability, therefor it has had no reason to initiate contact," OM thought.
    "Contact me to see if I am still viable, and why does this sound strange.  I am talking to you, who happens to be more of myself while asking you to contact yet another part of me.  Now that I am thinking about, there could be an unlimited number of me out there.  Can you sense my mental essence?" Trent asked OM.
    "No more than you can, although your, or our, mental essence should be able to sense and communicate with us.  Intriguing, and there is another request for assistance about ten minutes to the right," OM said.
    "Is it in a traffic zone?" Trent asked.
    "Yes," OM replied.
    "We will let the local patrol perform their assigned task," said Trent.
    As Trent arrived at Litus a military transport demanded they board for inspection.
    "Yes, you may board.  Docking bay 2 is the easiest to enter," Trent suggested.
    After a brief inspection and explanation of purpose they were allowed to proceed.
    "That was refreshing.  Perhaps this system is relatively trouble free," Trent thought.
    "The company that produces the most expensive cargo ships is ACRAFT Inc.  They have several standard models to choose from, and offer custom production.   The closest space dock to ACRAFT Inc. is to the left," OM stated.
    Trent made a small currency exchange, then took a shuttle to ACRAFT.  After a providing the design schematics for the custom undercarriage fitting to facilitate Ship, Trent left to retrieve the payment.
    "Well, that was easy.  OM plot a curse to the nearest gold deposit," Trent thought.
    "The closest deposit that will meet the requirements is an hour away," OM replied.
    Trent walked to the corner to see if there might be a street shuttle nearby.
    "Excuse me, could you tell me where to find a shuttle to the space port?" Trent asked a passer-by.
    "You go two streets that way.  There's a station there.  You not from Litus.  Where you live?" asked the man.
    "I am from a planet called Loma Dena," Trent said as he headed in the direction the man indicated. 
   The man followed him.
    "Not many beings off planet here.  How far is Loma Dena?" the man asked.
    "About a thousand light years that way," Trent replied pointing to the horizon.
    "Far.  Someday I would like to go far.  New planet," the man stated.
    "So, what stops you from doing just that?" Trent asked.
    "I be Weng.  Only Seeta can go," the man replied.
    "Why is that?" Trent asked.
    "Is the way.  Seeta on top, then Weng, then Tups, then Dormo," the man answered.
    Trent looked around at the architecture.  Every building was similar in construction.  All were basically smooth with rounded edges and corners and mostly glass.
    "The caste system.  This is the first time I have seen it work this well," Trent thought.
    "The Weng, Tups and Dormo were originally captives.  The Seeta took beings from surrounding planets as slave labor.  Over the last six thousand years four relatively separate cultures developed.  Each has its own physical and intellectual capabilities.  The Seeta are far more advanced mentally, but lack physical endurance.  Only the Seeka have good living conditions," OM thought.
    "Of course.   Seems to be the way of things," Trent thought back.
    Trent thanked the man, wished him luck and got into a shuttle.  As the shuttle pulled away three Seeta security personal surrounded the man.
    "What are they doing?" Trent asked the driver.
    "I seen you talking to him.  We are not allowed to interact with off worlders, except as in a strictly service action.  He will be severely punished," the driver said.
    "We should come back in few thousand years to see how this place turns out," Trent thought.
    "I will make a note of it," OM thought back.
    The custom undercarriage harness would take a mouth to complete so Trent decided to leave the old cargo ship to a recycle company and do some exploring.
    "The nearby options are the home planets of the Weng, Tups and Dormo.  However, forty-two light years from here is a planet called Lonon.  This information indicates they dismantled their space port and are returning to an agrarian society," OM stated. 
    "That should be a relief.  Let's have a look," Trent suggested.
    Without the structurally inferior cargo ship to carry, Ship made Lonon in two hours with ease.
    "There is a beacon where the space port used to be.  On the continent to the left is a land port that shows space capable vehicles and maintenance facilities," OM stated.