"Perhaps the grid simply acted as a conductive implement.  I was moving around it by conduction," said Trent.
    "That sounds like a reasonable Sanrio.  We should maybe place a lot of beam emitters and grid components between this grid and the power station. It's trial and error time," Rye stated.
    "We can't accelerate the beam beyond light speed, which means it will take three years to get here. The only thing we can try is transmitting with a lot of the communications accelerators and use transports to place grid components at strategic locations.  In this era the transports can only do 20 to 25 times light speed," said Hiret.
    "In the meantime, we can line up interviews with a variety of beings from around the alliance," said Mrs. Dennen.
    "Good idea.  You can almost see the interest building.  Trent's the first truly unique being to come along in, well, ever," said Rye.
    "Do you have a preference as to who you would like to meet?" asked Mrs. Dennen.
    "I have no idea as to what the possibilities might be.  I would definitely like to see different environments such as the oceans, forests, mountains, volcanoes, marshes, all of planets, all the various species of plants and animals.  In fact, I would like to see everything.  Who knows.  Perhaps I will develop a physical presence, and I will be able to walk around, see, smell, and shake hands," said Trent.
    "Why don't we just build Trent a body.  If there is a way to concentrate him into a small enough package, say like the average brain, he could be just like us, or anyone else," said Rye.
    "My own body?  Wow.  Things sure are moving fast.  I have been flowing though the universe for who knows how long, and look what has happened in just a few days," Trent stated.
    "Just when you think life is so humdrum you could scream, Walla!" said Hiret
    "Who's going to do what?  Personally, I want to work on the mind part.  And I'm sure M B will be all over the optics.  Most of the parts are complete as they are; it's just a matter of connecting them together.  We can use anyone of the robotic styles in the meantime," said Rye.
   "First things first.  Finding a method of concentrating him into a small package.  To all of those listening to this I am Mr. Hiret Tee.  I will be at the Ministry of Sciences working on a method of concentrating Trent.  Anyone who might have a doable idea on a way to accomplish this feat, please contact me," said Hiret.
    The activity level around the alliance increased significantly.  It seemed as though there was an idea for every being in the alliance.  Everyone offered or wanted to offer some input.
    Using the artificial organs already being produced was going to be a problem.  They were designed to function in organic beings.  Building an organic body was beyond the capabilities of even the Ree.  Which provided an opportunity for the ultimate challenge for the Ree, build Trent's an organic like body out of Gravitirium atom by atom.
    "How difficult would it be to build me a body?" asked Trent.
    "Not would, will!  We are going to build you a body.  If you want one of course.  If you don't, we won't. Do you want a body?" asked Rye.
    "Absolutely.  I think it would be wonderful to have a body.  The data on artificial bodies, organs, and robostic is massive.  It will require a long time for me to understand, let alone make sense of all the requirements and possibilities," said Trent.
    "It will take some time, but it will get done.  We will upgrade the individual parts and then the hard part." said Hiret with a funny pucker like expression.
    "Hard part?" asked Trent.
    "Umm.  Making all those parts out of gravitirium.  Most difficult.  Most, most difficult.  Gravitirium is very difficult to make in the first place, but building things with it is extremally difficult.  Making parts as complicated and small as will be required for a whole life like body is going be, umm," said Rye.
    "Why make me a body of gravitirium?" asked Trent.
    " It would last forever, and you will apparently last forever.  Besides, there are few challenges left for the Ree.  Existence has become humdrum for us.  We have explored enough of the universe to become bord because there is nothing new, except you.  You're new.  Your existence has made life interesting again.  Building an entire being.  This is going to be a challenge.  This is breathing new life into our little piece of existence.  Every Ree wants some part of this project, which is in itself an accomplishment.  We've been complacent for so long that our intellects have atrophied.  That's meant to be funny, but it's not far from the truth.  Without challenge, or in other words without stress, there is no reason for an organic to advance, or adapt to its environmental challenges.  If the organism doesn't adapt, it dies," said Rye.
    "The Ree would die?" asked Trent.
    "Probably not.  Then again, over enough time, who knows?" said Rye.
    "There are so many things to do.  I will never get bord," said Trent.