Mr. Trent - From the planet earth.  From a plain ordinary human, to a simple mental essence, to a indestructible immortal.

The Ree - Also called the Makers because they make thing out of
" Gravitirium ".
                  Original planet was Loma
                  Second planet was Loma Sat
                  Present planet is Loma Dena

Gravitirium - Gravity compressed into a solid.

Gravitronic Shield - Nanoscopic buttons forming a shield.
     a.  Outer ring on button - Attraction
     b.  Center of button - Repulsion
     c.  Outer edge one on the side -
          Bonds button to button
          ( Incoming ) energy is diverted to
          there it is needed to enhance
          shield strength.

Hierarchy of life is measured in stages.  The Ree are at stage 8.  Progressing to the stage of developing a written language is stage 4.

Common language is called Universal.

Dira Cree - Is a Ree from Loma Dena.

Pace - Is a Ree from Loma Dena / Dira Cree's sister.

Hiret Tee - Is a Ree from Loma Dena.

MB - Is a Ree from Loma Dena.

Semma and Emmer Fote - From Rinthia.

Minn Beach - On planet Leemea.

Bolts - Cannibals

Woons - Sacrifice victims on public broadcast.

Keeps - Kidnappers.

Lupas - Headhunters.

Barkasians - Pirates.

Sairree - The Dinosaur planet.

Ventan Siel - From the planet Laberen.

Orin - Dira Cree's older brother.

Pace - Is a Ree from Loma Dena / Dira Cree's sister.

Aukous Bellway - Planet Betala.

Hulmara - Is from the planet Penlta.

Doc. - Dr. Nelel is from the planet Sisse. 

Dr. Mollaty - Makes Trent's other brain.

Mr. Wai Oue - From the plant Ruta - Military procurement.

The highest velocity Ship can safely travel in open space - Eight hundred thousand and forty three times light speed without well placed sensors.

Gen. Hemm - Enemy from the Great Corridor.

Kripa - Leader of the Wollen pirate clan on Lattoia.

Lonngion - Planet of the Mio and Neffiree.

New formation - One trillion three hundred thousand light years from old formation.

Esten - The first planet encountered in the neighboring formation - all inhabitants deceased.

Klemet - The first inhabited planet encountered in the new formation.  Ruled by 42 Kingdoms.

Handy - A multi purpose utility device.

Heptom - The planet where Trent found evidence of gravitirium produced by a civilization other than the Ree.

Hoyla - The planet of the Hoylasians.  Hoyla is where Trent and Pace first encounter a civilization capable of
producing gravitirium.  They got the process from the Linggets.  Hoyla is the first planet Pace and Trent
encountered that had been invaded by the Celder.  Parent planet Hoylous.

Annum - Annums look like the most common description of space aliens from planets that have not encountered
real space aliens, and was given basic gravitirium production from the Ulavet.  Annum is in the Nee galaxy.

Bidum - Bidums look like mythical creatures, referred to by various names, who break things.

Loamous - Loamians look like mythical creatures, referred to by various names, who hide things.

Aous - A planet inhabited by witches, vampires, werewolves, gremlins, leprechauns, and other mythical creatures produced through bioengineering to entertain the Annum.
Ulavet - Race who develope gravitirium in a small way, then divided into three groups.  One group of Ulavet traded
basic gravitirium technology to the Annum in exchange for produce and bioengineering.  They had the Annum
create the Celder as soldiers in their quest to conquer the universe.  They had the Laba created as enforcers
on their new planet after leaving Ul.
TRENT   and   PACE
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